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11th November 2011
The scheme of GST should be supported by a strong tax-administration infrastructure for itís optimum success. Without an efficient tax-administration the implementation of goods and services tax will be just like pouring water in the bottomless bowl. So, ...
Author: lawcruxadvisors

Back Taxes Help: What Is an Offer in Compromise and What Does It Mean for My Tax Debt?

06th April 2011
Back taxes can be a huge weight over your head. However, there are ways to get back tax relief, including an offer in compromise. Here we explore what an offer in compromise is and how it can help with your state or IRS back taxes. Do you owe back taxes?...
Author: Rebecca Paul

The Order Granting a Deferral and Installment Payment of Taxes, Levies and Customs Duties

14th March 2011
Of deferral and installment payment of taxes Tax credit Normative distribution of proceeds The order granting a deferral and installment payment of taxes, levies and customs duties Deferral and (or) installments may be granted in respect of all su...
Author: Adan Branton

Alleviate Tax Stress with a Tax Attorney

09th December 2010
A good solid quite crucial component you should preferably educate yourself is always that the Internal Revenue Service would like their costs, and is realistically made ready to deliver opportunities which means that tax consumers is advantageous to comp...
Author: Myles Wall

Compromise Agreement and Tax

21st December 2009
Very often as part of the terms of a compromise agreement an employee may collect payment for unemployment which rise above the statutory minimum amount that an employee is designated to by the government.To determine whether tax is due on fundsreceived ...
Author: Stefan Valenzuela

The Rules and Regulations Governing Tax Liens

08th December 2009
To better collect taxes in their various jurisdictions, every state has come up with its own rules and regulations, but a federal provision insists that the various states must comply with the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. This constitutional ...
Author: Paul Smith

Why Should Self-Employed Individuals Choose a CPA for Their Accounting and Tax Needs?

02nd December 2009
When it comes to starting your own business or joining the ranks of the self-employed, accounting is one of the most critical aspects operating your business. It's real easy, when you are first starting out, to get wrapped up in choosing a business name ...
Author: Jonathan Medows, CPA

China Issues New Directives over Offshore Beneficial Ownership

27th November 2009
The State Administration of Tax has issued new guidelines on the determination of the "beneficial owner" during the application of double tax treaties with China. According to Circular Guoshuifan (2009) 601, effective from October 27, 2009, any applica...
Author: Steve Went

IRS Tax Debt and Benefiting From Tax Attorney Services

25th July 2009
IRS tax debt If you happened to be one of the unfortunate individuals to owe tax debt from your past years, or you have paid your taxes for the current year, and still expect to owe further taxes to the IRS in the form of IRS debt, it's possible for yo...
Author: Tax Help