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Breach of Employment Contract

27th June 2012
In the event that you believe that your employer has acted unfairly towards you or has made changes to your work or job without your agreement, then your employer could be legally liable for breach of contract. The employment law in the UK understands...
Author: Clark_Taylor
Accident claims

Health and Safety at Work and Work Accident Claims

29th August 2010
Many people believe that a ‘compensation culture’ exists in the UK, with thousands of unnecessary compensation claims being made by every year, often by employees taking advantage of overprotective health and safety legislation to claim against their empl...
Author: Jessica Parker
Personal Injury

An Overview of Industrial Injury Claims

18th May 2010
started to bite back. Today, employers have a duty to ensure that your overall safety in the workplace is free from the risk of an accident injury by ensuring: - that they employ competent co-workers to work with you; - that they provide you with ...
Author: Javier Eaton
Accident claims

Claiming Compensation for Injury at Work

28th April 2010
Workplace accidents occur when health and safety measures are not in place or flawed. Being a legal requirement, it is the duty of the employer to maintain the basic standards of health and safety in the workplace to protect their employees from work rela...
Author: Jamie Hanson

Accident at Work types of workplace accident

04th March 2010
No matter what business or occupation you are working inside, your employer has a responsibility of care to protect you in the place of work. If you feel you have established a lack of training, insufficient equipment or faulty equipment you should tell y...
Author: Shannon Burns
Business Law

Work Accident Claims – Why Won’t Bosses Say ‘Sorry’ After Work Accidents?

07th April 2009
If you had been seriously injured at work due to a fault of your employer, would you expect an apology from them? Apparently, for the vast majority of injured employees, this is just too much to ask. Recent research uncovered that most UK employers fai...
Author: Jessica Parker

Injuries caused by Vibrating Machinery

19th December 2008
If you work around machinery or work with power tools, you could suffer a vibration injury. This is commonly called 'white finger' because the ends of the fingers and sometimes the entire finger goes white. It can also tingle and feel numb. People who are...
Author: Robert Palmer