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Business Law

Carpet Cleaning Essentials

05th October 2011
When walk on the ever so soft and comfortable carpets that save a soft feet from the harshness of the tiled stoned floor, we pay little regard to it. Of course something which has been around since 1791 may as well be taken for granted. But timely, after ...
Author: jerrirose

Meaning of property tax

11th April 2011
This property tax is uncommon and in every country the norms and conditions for the property tax varies. The tax percentage is decided by the tax department and everything is fid and has to be paid to the concerning authorities. This property tax often...
Author: Micheal

Disability Benefits for Mild Intellectual Disability

11th March 2011
Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) or mild mental retardation is a situation where a person will have slower intellectual development. People having MID will be able to attend regular classes in school. However, they may need some extra help to cope up wi...
Author: Emely Porter
Accident claims

ICBC Claim Compensation

08th December 2009
Injuries from car accidents can be devastating to a person's life. How an individual person is affected will differ from person to person. Accordingly, compensation for personal injury from a car accident in British Columbia depends on the individual and ...
Author: JGD

Secured And Unsecured Promissory Notes

01st October 2009
A promissory note is a legal and binding document, and should always be honored by both parties. If there are any changes in the stated terms and conditions, they should be duly formalized in writing. Promissory notes can either be both secured and uns...
Author: TopLawyer

Examples to Learn From in Sentencing Theft

05th August 2009
If you have been accused of a crime, the first thing you want to know before you receive a theft sentence is "What type of punishment will I get?" Each theft sentence varies on a lot of factors. For each theft sentence: the jurisdiction, the state you...
Author: Romel Whiteside