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Criminal Law


14th April 2010
New York State Penal Law defines the Offenses Against Public Order. Section 240.25 of the New York State Penal Law defines the crime of Harassment in the First Degree as follows:A person is guilty of Harassment in the first degree when he or she:* intenti...
Author: risubrastogi2

Minnesota Assault Offenses

12th September 2008
Minnesota law distinguishes between assault and battery in civil lawsuits. However, under its criminal code, battery is included under the heading of assault. An assault is an act done with intent to cause another injury or imminent fear of injury. The ac...
Author: Robert Palmer

Jury Instructions

07th June 2006
Jury Instructions Jury instructions are the judge's directions to the jury before it begins deliberations regarding the factual questions it must answer and the legal rules that it must apply. Although the court has discretion to give instructions at...
Author: Darren Kavinoky