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Real Estate Law


06th July 2011
Life is ready to be simplified with the help of the Raheja Group of Developing Company, as the company is ready to launch its new residential project very soon at the city of Gurgaon. The Rahejas have planned to introduce their new residential project aft...
Author: john01163
Real Estate Law

What happens if lessees can not find the freeholder?

03rd May 2011
If one owns a leasehold residential apartment in England or Wales one may well want to contact your freeholder (referred to as a ‘landlord’ legally) for a whole variety of reasons. Possibly lessees would like to extend the period of your lease, maybe less...
Author: Leasehold Advice
Real Estate Law

Things to Do Before Looking for an Apartment

15th April 2011
Before search the web for great deals, calling around town to see what apartments have the best rates, or any of that fun stuff, you first have to decide that you are indeed ready to take that big step into renting your own place. Though there are many...
Author: Felix Richerd

Meaning of property tax

11th April 2011
This property tax is uncommon and in every country the norms and conditions for the property tax varies. The tax percentage is decided by the tax department and everything is fid and has to be paid to the concerning authorities. This property tax often...
Author: Micheal
Real Estate Law

EPCS for Landlords – Key Points

06th January 2010
Many social landlords out there will have properties which are very similar to each other, such as blocks of flats. With these types of properties in mind there are now production methods for EPCs which account for multiple properties which are similar to...
Author: crenergy