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Personal Injury

How to File a Personal Injury Claim Against a Government Entity

26th July 2011
With these week-long efforts to educate the public about wellness issues, the APHA aims to make America the "healthiest nation in one generation."The theme of this year's Health Week, "Safety is NO Accident," encourages communities all over the country to...
Author: Ned Leon
Personal Injury

Preventing Industrial Injuries

28th June 2011
Recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that industrial injuries consistently account for the highest number of workplace injuries of any occupation. Industrial injuries are workplace injuries that take place within an ‘indus...
Author: Jessica Parker

Common Workplace Accidents

20th May 2011
Every year millions of workplace injuries are reported, and there are other millions minor injuries that go unreported. Workplace accidents are the injuries that occur either at your workplace or contributes to an injury while working. The people generall...
Author: Tim Reynolds

Zadroga Claim – Well-suited for Administrative Lawyers

14th February 2011
Zadroga claim settlement by the lawyer needs to have complete knowledge on these claims to get perfect solution. In this article, all the above mentioned claims will be discussed to understand them clearly and easily. Let’s discuss all the three admin...
Author: Ethen William
Personal Injury

Should You Make Reporting Injuries in the Workplace a Priority?

23rd April 2010
Recently, the State requested an explanation from a company that manufactures plastic about why it did not report workplace injuries to the State's Workers' Compensation Board, which could result in their being fined upwards of $52,500. An investigation o...
Author: Carmela Martin
Employment Law

Adopt Safe Practices at Work

15th April 2010
Injuries at the workplace happen unexpectedly and can be a painful experience. It can leave you jobless, dependent on miniscule amounts of compensatory payments and cause you immense hardship. Workplace injury can happen to anyone, regardless of the indus...
Author: Robert Palmer
Business Law

The New York Working Compensation Attorney Can Lay Out Proper Plans To Handle Your Employer Or The I

19th March 2010
When you have been injured at your work, it can be quite challenging for you to get your compensation for the losses you incurred. In certain cases, if your injury is caused by the third party, you may seek for compensation outside New York workers' compe...
Author: Ima Johnson
Personal Injury

Your Rights in the Workplace

21st December 2009
Many workplace injuries can be avoided by following the basics of planning ahead, being organized, understanding the job required and following safety procedures. If machinery is faulty, or the right safety procedures are not in place however accidents do...
Author: SmithSEO

Common Causes of Workplace Injuries to Be Aware Of While On-The-Job

01st August 2009
Each year millions of Americans are injured in workplace accidents. Injuries are considered work related when they either occurred at work or your job contributed to the injury in some manner. Listed below are some of the most common causes of workplace i...
Author: Daniel Berry

Common workplace injury types

08th September 2008
The most common types of workplace injuries According to recent reports the tops five types of workplace injuries are as follows. Falls from standing One of the first things that pops into your head when talking about accidents at work will be trips...
Author: Robert Palmer