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Getting a divorce? Consider Making a Visit to a Divorce Financial Planner Your First Step

30th March 2011
There is no standard model for divorce, but traditionally when a couple decides to start the process they both consult, and then hire, their respective family law attorneys. The reason that most people start with a lawyer is that they feel they need to i...
Author: Association of Divorce Financial Planners

The Dilemma of Health Insurance after Divorce

11th November 2010
When looking at this issue it is easy to be mislead into thinking that there are easy solutions to this problem. Current research gives some very pat answers to a question that is extremely complex. The key to understanding the insurance dilemma facing ...
Author: Brian James

3 Simple Steps to a Stress Free Tax Season Next Year

23rd June 2010
You can almost hear the sigh of relief. Tax season is finally over! But that sigh of relief is different depending on your preparation and experience. If you had all your receipts and paperwork in order, the sigh of relief includes a smile because it w...
Author: sydnicraighart
Criminal Law

How you can Conduct an Arrest Records Search

16th February 2010
Do you really know the individuals in your neighborhood, or the bus driver, the babysitter, your financial planner or the handyman who is repairing your water heater? While it could possibly be alarming to consider about, these people could have arrest re...
Author: Art Evans