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Criminal Law

Just Say No to Unnecessary Vehicle Searches

27th October 2009
If you have ever been pulled over for a moving violation, there is a good chance you have been subject to a search of your vehicle. Most people get through these searches and take their ticket from the officer. Some others, well, they aren't so lucky. ...
Author: Ben Stone

Navigating through rough waters: Rhode Island Divorce!

30th September 2009
This article explains the Rhode Island divorce process from pre- filing considerations through trial including Rhode Island divorce law strategy. Finding a Rhode Island Divorce attorney / lawyer The first step in obtaining a divorce is finding a Rho...
Author: David Slepkow, Rhode Island Lawyer

Child Support and Calculating the Costs

30th August 2009
Copyright (c) 2009 Ron Lasorsa The court views child support as the child's right to receive financial help from their parent. And quite honestly, a parent should want to support their child to the best of their ability. However, there are situations o...
Author: Author Unknown

Drowning Accident - The Legal Ramifications

05th July 2009
Drowning accidents are harrowing for anyone. Sadly there are a large number of drowning accidents every year. A drowning accident can happen quickly. They can result from someone falling in a pool, jumping in the pool the wrong way, being trapped in pool ...
Author: Micheal Russell

Divorce Lawyer: How to Hire

26th June 2009
On your wedding, the last thing that was probably on you mind was a relationship with your sweetheart could someday change and result in divorce. Love is a very powerful thing that sometimes does last a lifetime however, it also fades many times and the...
Author: Justin DiMateo
No Win No Fee

Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Loan Frequently Asked Questions

02nd April 2009
The settlement loan frequently asked questions contains the 7 most popular answers to questions regarding settlement loans. It's common to have questions when taking out this type of loan. Below, you'll find all the answers to the basic questions that can...
Author: Legal Settlement Loans

The Real World of Alimony (Spousal Maintenance) Under Washington State Divorce Law

17th January 2008
The only time I see maintenance/alimony awarded in marriages less than five years is where one party is unemployed or would end up on the street if their partner just left them. Even in those cases, the awarded at temporary orders reads something like: "T...
Author: Robert Stark
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