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Estate Planning

Probate Estates: Starting the Probate Process

07th January 2011
Probate refers to two things. One is the process of submitting a deceasedís last Will to the court. If the Will is proved valid, the court grants an order of probate (admitting the document as the decedentís valid Last Will and Testament. The other meanin...
Author: Jakub Bednar
Family Law

Michigan Adult Abuse Reporting Requirements

13th July 2010
Every state has some form of law that deals with reporting abuse. In Michigan, that law can be found at MCL 400.11a. While it may seem strange, the first thing that must be mentioned is what constitutes an adult. For purposes of this law, the term adul...
Author: LJB Law Office

Who Keeps Calling My Cell Phone?

04th November 2008
Are you just about sick to the back teeth of getting repeat cell phone calls from people you don't even know? And how many times has the phone rung and as soon as you answer, it goes dead? Well I don't need to tell you, that trying to find out who keeps c...
Author: Al Coutts


30th August 2005
A corporation is the biggest type of business entity. So how does one creates one of these giants? But first it is important to define the term CORPORATION- a corporation is an artificial legal entity which is chartered by a state and formed to conduct bu...
Author: Jinky Mesias