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What Happens to the House in a Divorce

21st March 2011
Next to the children, the division of property is probably the most important part of the divorce proceedings. This is especially true when there is ownership of a house before the divorce proceedings are begun. There are several options open to couples w...
Author: Christy
Real Estate Law

Conveyancing - If you plan on buying a house you will need representation

18th February 2011
There are many aspects and factors associated with buying and selling property and estates. Under law, transferring the authorized title of a property from one person to another person is referred to as conveyancing. Mortgage or lien call for a different...
Author: luke.raper
Business Law

Buying Property Through Bridging Loans

15th February 2011
Bridging loans in mainly a type of loan. It basically a process of buying money from the lenders. They arranges money for their customer and fixed an amount for the limited period. These loans help buyers a lot in a sense of buying property. If anyone don...
Author: Methew Gilcrist
Real Estate Law

Realities And Risks Of An Installment Land Contract

24th January 2011
An installment land contract (aka: land contract, contract for deed, or installment contract) can be compared to purchasing a product or service on credit; specifically, via installment payments. An installment contract involves an agreement used rather t...
Author: JoelMcDonald2010
Bankruptcy Law

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

06th January 2011
What can bankruptcy do for you? As we all know, times are tough. Many people are having problems with their investments and have been inquiring about their options. Unfortunately, however, many clients have tried "go at it alone" and have gotten themse...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Real Estate Law

Real estate law- Before and after purchase

08th December 2010
Before buying real estate, there are several things that are to be looked into. Today most purchases can be on properties that are distressed. For this you would need Florida Real Estate Lawyers. A lawyer is just as important as an appraiser and a propert...
Author: Stacy

Requirements to Be Considered IRS Financial Hardship

22nd November 2010
To be declared uncollectible by the IRS you will need to prove one thing: if they are to collect the money that is owed, it would create an unfair financial hardship. Although this may sound simple on the surface, keep in mind that the IRS has its own sys...
Author: Sally Pratt
Personal Injury

Utilizing a Personal injury lawsuit Agreement Mortgage As an Expense

27th October 2010
Plaintiffs have a tendency to believe that a personal injury suit agreement personal loan is only for somebody in the center of fiscal hardship; nevertheless this is far from the truth. It's feasible to use a lawsuit mortgage in the course of your pending...
Author: Elton Bowen

How to lower the cost of your life insurance

28th September 2010
Usually when you set up a life insurance policy you will base the level of life insurance cover (for example $500,000) on your situation, needs, and budget. For example your life insurance might take care of debt, provide for dependants, or have enough to...
Author: cisamitesh
Real Estate Law

Would You Like A ' Sell And Rent Back House ' Solution?

21st September 2010
It’s not easy leaving a house that you’ve made your home. When you’ve got kids who have been going to the neighborhood school for years, and you’ve got neighbors who have become great friends, selling your house is like uprooting your lives and starting a...
Author: David Cuerden
Business Law

Adding ‘Future Insurability’ to Your Life Insurance

13th August 2010
When setting up life insurance, you can choose any lump sum you would like. However as your situation changes over time you might find that you need a greater amount of life insurance (for example if you have had children or taken out a mortgage your need...
Author: cisamitesh
Bankruptcy Law

Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer Help – 4 Common Questions about Bankruptcy in Arizona

12th July 2010
A good phoenix bankruptcy lawyer is needed if you're considering filing bankruptcy in the state of Arizona. When talking to bankruptcy lawyers you want to use a lawyer who gives complete and accurate information. In this article we will look at 4 commo...
Author: christybankruptcylawyer
Bankruptcy Law

The Pros and Cons of Reaffirming a Debt in Bankruptcy

23rd June 2010
When you reaffirm a debt, you sign a contract to continue making payments to the lender. Think of this contract as taking your vehicle loan or mortgage totally out of the bankruptcy. This means that if you ever stopped making payments on the debt, the len...
Author: KhLawoffices

Do You Want To Know What Debt Help Does?

15th June 2010
Whether you are having a debt crisis or simply in need of temporary financial aid, debt help agencies can surely help you. What's more is that some of these agencies also offer budgeting help to assist you in managing your funds well. Debt, as much as ...
Author: Rudy Silva
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