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Criminal Law

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers Helping Inmates Fight for Freedom

21st March 2011
United Trial Group in San Diego offers a free service to people trying to find out if there loved one has been jailed or incarcerated. The San Diego criminal law attorneys at United Trial Group will run a search for you. There are times when someone ma...
Author: Caldiatech
Copyright & Trademark

Copyright Law: Protecting your Intellectual Property Investment

06th January 2011
Intellectual Property / Copyright Law In a nutshell, intellectual property law protects the work product of one's imagination or mind. However, this is not all it does. Not only does intellectual property cover copyright, trademark, and patents, but it...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Internet Law

Privacy Policies: Why does your website need one?

16th December 2010
Privacy Policies are an important part to any website. A good privacy policy, drafted by an Internet Attorney, seeks to protect against unauthorized access to the site, as well as the collection, use, and disclosure of any information of the end user. I...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy – History, Developments and Recent forms

22nd November 2010
Bankruptcy … as in the recent times wasn’t the same always. Its origin was an outcome of the necessity of the creditors to recover the money from the merchants who failed to return the amount. Prior to 1542, this wasn’t a legal proceeding though, but was ...
Author: sprucegrove
Criminal Law

Your Right to a Tampa Criminal Lawyer

30th April 2010
Within the United States Constitution, every citizen is afforded the right to be represented in a Tampa court room by a Tampa criminal lawyer. You are also afforded the right to competent and experienced legal representation for your defense. This does ...
Author: juliannemayers

Defenses to DWI Blood Charge

01st April 2010
Defenses to DWI Blood Charge By Kenneth Vercammen 1. THE STATE MUST PROVE PROBABLE CAUSE TO STOP THE MOTORIST AND TAKE BLOOD SAMPLES Automobiles are areas of privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. State v. W...
Author: Kenneth Vercammen Esq.

Why the Bill of Rights Was Written

23rd November 2009
The Bill Of Rights of the United States Constitution is an important piece of legislation that ensured some of the basic rights of US citizens. On September 25, 1789, The US Congress proposed amendments to Constitution. Of the twelve proposed amendments, ...
Author: Kenny Leones

How An Unlawful Arrest Plaintiff Can Get A Lawsuit Settlement Funding?

02nd March 2009
No- Risk Lawsuit Funding For Wrongful Arrest Plaintiffs If you are the plaintiff in a false arrest or wrongful arrest lawsuit and represented by an attorney and were a victim of either of these: wrongful or false arrest or police brutality, unlawful ar...
Author: Paul Sherman

Self-Defense in New Jersey

16th January 2009
The United States Constitution and New Jersey State laws permit us to protect ourselves. As homeowners, there are legal measures that can be used to keep out intruders. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution provides that we have the right to bear ar...
Author: Kenneth Vercammen Esq.