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Real Estate Law

Minneapolis Homes for sale

12th September 2011
It is really difficult to imagine too much transforms in Minneapolis real estate market place due to the energized elevation of the real estate stack in around 2005. Even though the card castle has definitely snapped and it's an end to a market in which f...
Author: jerryclifford
Internet Law

10 Things every Internet Marketing person should know about their business

16th December 2010
Arizona Internet Marketing Lawyer 1) Make sure you have a written business plan that outlines your goals, timeframe, funding sources, contingency plans, whether Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising is based on click, impression, or sale. 2) Form a Limi...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Employment Law

Employer Beware: You may be responsible for your employees’ endorsements and testimonials

31st March 2010
For the first time in nearly thirty years, the guidelines for the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising have been amended by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). The new rules, which took effect on December 1, 2009, require that...
Author: Melody Kulesza