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Business Law

Handling emergencies with plumbing services

20th July 2012
Plumbing includes installing water line for water supply and evacuation of both structures. The complete system of pipes for connecting to a new location much like the foundation from your water inside building will be presented to block utilization of wa...
Author: thecornerhouse

Prepare Early for the Tax Filing Deadline

09th February 2011
The IRS officially began accepting returns for most taxpayers, and will allow all returns to be filed in just a few weeks. Although tax filing season has not officially began yet everyone, there are plenty of actions you can take now to help make preparin...
Author: Roni Deutch

Small Business Tax Forms: Who Should Receive Form 1099-MISC By January 31?

19th January 2011
Virtually every tax rule has a potentially long list of exceptions, limitations and otherwise mind-boggling list of finer points. Such is the case with the Form 1099-MISC reporting requirements. Ask a simple question: To whom am I required to send a Form ...
Author: Wayne M. Davies

How to E - File Your Tax Return Online

16th February 2010
Every year the tax payer must go through the arduous process of filing their tax returns with the federal government and the State or States in which the filer earned income for that year. Most people (that do not do it themselves), pay a Certified Public...
Author: Greg Roukema

1099-MISC Tax Filing Deadlines Are Around The Corner

21st January 2010
The thrill of New Years has barely worn off, yet it is already time to get back to the grindstone. In this case, we are talking about tax season. The issue? Any 1099-MISC filings need to go out in the mail soon. What is the 1099-MISC tax form? It is w...
Author: Richard Chapo

Why Should Self-Employed Individuals Choose a CPA for Their Accounting and Tax Needs?

02nd December 2009
When it comes to starting your own business or joining the ranks of the self-employed, accounting is one of the most critical aspects operating your business. It's real easy, when you are first starting out, to get wrapped up in choosing a business name ...
Author: Jonathan Medows, CPA
Business Law

How to Deal with Breach of Partnership Agreements

10th August 2009
Not all business partnerships pan out the way the partners (owners) hoped it would. Partnerships are actually a lot like marriage and sometimes marriages just do not work out.Naturally, there are conflicts and disputes that arise that have to be dealt wit...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Misclassification of Workers - Independent contractor vs. Employee

01st December 2008
Independent Contractor versus Employee Misclassification could be costly by Brian P. McMahon, Esq. (Originally published in the Troff, Petzke & Ammeson Newsletter at   Recently the State of Michigan created the In...
Author: Brian McMahon