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Steps to Become Crime Scene Investigator

20th May 2010
By nuscheysmith in Criminal Law
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Crime scene investigator is the essential component of criminal justice organization or system. They gather evidences at the crime scene that may help in crime solving. They work at the police departments or additional law enforcement agencies that practice crime scenes as well as collecting evidences. They are sometimes referred as evidence technicians, crime scene technicians, forensic investigators or some other names unique in their division.

Investigators take pictures and preserve physical evidences at the crime scenes. It is very important that evidences are gathered and kept without contagion. Scene investigators should cautiously document their works.

Evidences gathered may include fingerprints, body fluids, fibers, hair, organic materials as well as trace evidence. These investigators may also examine blood patterns or spatter to determine the manner of blood shedding.

Crime scenes may be in their homes, cars, public buildings, in nature like in the woods and anywhere where there are collectible evidences. Crime investigators must be trained before they can qualify to become one. Many of these investigators are current members of the police forces or former police officers. But, there are also civilian positions that are present in crime scene investigations. Every U. S. police department has diverse profession and educational requirements for this field.

Different steps to become investigator:

- Learn about the work - You must try to know what the exact job you are applying for. Read the work summaries of the jobs listed in the employment page. This will provide you the details of the different responsibilities the worker will have and also the least requirements in applying for the work. One of the finest things you can make is to get in touch with the agencies within the geographical location you want to work and look for yourself how often they are offering job openings.

- Prepare for your job application. There are positions that have need of a 4-year degree course in science and others are requiring High Scholl graduates only. In general, if you wish to work at any crime lab as one of their Criminalists, you then need to have finished a degree course in science such as chemistry or Biology. If your targeted position needs you to have a formal training, you need to check from your local college and universities from where the training is available.

- Make a good resume and apply for the job. No matter if the agency is not requiring for a resume, attach it still to your application. It can be a help in getting the interview and if lucky enough, even for getting the job.

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