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Way Out of DUI

10th May 2010
By Clinton Patrick in Criminal Law
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When many folks are arrested for driving under the influence, one of the first things they need to know is how it is possible to get out of a DUI. There is no straightforward answer to that question because DUI is a criminal offense. If you are arrested and charged with DUI, you are going to have to go thru a criminal trial and even executive hearings about your driving entitlements if you are not able to make a plea bargain. Trying to handle all these events on your own is maybe the fastest way to lose your criminal case and your driving rights at the same time. If you opt to work with a solicitor who doesn't concentrate on DUI, you are risking your reputation and your liberty, since being convicted can result in a jail sentence in many states. Working with an expert lawyer who knows DUI inside and outside is the best way to defend yourself against a DUI charge.

How to Get Out of a DUI - Preparing for Your Case

many of us are thinking about how to get out of a DUI right from the beginning of their cases. If you would like to get out of a DUI, you'll consider speaking with your solicitor and finding out if a plea agreement is available. In some states, you could be able to plead guilty to lesser charges and be handed smaller penalties. If you aren't able to make a plea agreement, your case will go on to trial and you may face the complete range of criminal penalties if you're found guilty of DUI charges.

How to Get Out of a DUI - Your Criminal Trial

If you don't make a plea agreement, your criminal trial will be prepared. The only way to get out of a DUI at this stage of the method is to work with a certified DUI barrister. When you have a DUI counsel on your side, you have access to expert witnesses and particular info that may be a great help during your trial. Expert witnesses may be employed to refute sworn statement or show that chemical test results were invalid or untrustworthy. Your lawyer will have access to many of these witnesses due to their intensive experience in the discipline of DUI law. Your attorney will also know where to search for info that could be useful to you during your trial. If you were working with a public defender or an attorney who doesn't specialize in DUI defense, you'd lose out on these benefits.

How to Get Out of a DUI - executive Hearings

you'll most likely need to attend executive hearings held to figure out the standing of your driving entitlements after you have been arrested for a driving under the influence charge. Driving is something most people take for granted, but each state considers it a privilege and not an absolute right. Some states allow you to appeal a license suspension so you can continue to drive up until your criminal trial happens. If this is the case, your solicitor can work with you to prepare for the appeal hearing. Your solicitor can also speak for you during this hearing so that you have an improved chance of getting your driving entitlements reinstated. Your lawyer will know what to assert and the way to handle your case because of the experience they have in the domain of DUI law.

How to Get Out of a DUI - Sentencing

if you're convicted of driving under the influence, there isn't any method to get out of the DUI itself, but there's a way that you can reduce the penalties that are prescribed on you. Your attorney can speak for you before sentencing happens so the judge can hear and consider all the circumstances in your case. For instance, your attorney may let the judge know that you've a disability or you're accountable for caring for an aged parent. If your barrister can show that your incarceration would make a difficulty for others, the judge may be forgiving and sentence you to other penalties such as alcohol education or probation instead of jail time.

Working with a DUI solicitor is the best answer to the question of how to get out of a DUI. These experienced professionals have a high level of data and a good deal of expertise in handling DUI cases and understand how to best present your defense for your specific situation. Nobody can ever guarantee that you will win your case, but having a DUI counsel on your side can make the difference between winning and losing.

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