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Should you Hire a Hip Recall Lawyer?

30th March 2011
By Jerald in Law
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DePuy Orthopedics Inc. announced its recall on its ASR XL and ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems on August 2010 and patients, who had their hip surgeries on or after July 2003, the date when these ASR systems are marketed, are concerned. After this hip recall, affected patients are asking, “what do I do now?”

First of all you have to take steps on protecting your legal rights to compensation against the manufacturer of the recalled hip implant by seeking the advice of a hip recall lawyer. They are persons who are experienced in handling lawsuits which involves defective hip.

The DePuy hip recall is a result of a defect in the hip implant. Since the device used is metal-on-metal, the friction caused by its gliding causes metal debris to flake off the artificial joint. This may result to damage to cell tissues. If the metal ions accumulate around the hip joint the cell damage to the tissue around the joint may result pseudotumors, vasculitis and necrosis. This may need a revision surgery right away if you want to avoid further complications.

See how much trouble it will cost you? Although the company has agreed to cover for the expenses of the affected individuals on doctor visits, tests and procedures related to the recall, it still leaves the door open for patients who have serious problems and what alternatives exist. Also, while the company offers to cover some of the expenses of the patients associated with the recall seem to be a good deal, when you look closely to it, lots of question will still arise.

It appears that they will only reimburse your money after you have signed an agreement that will give DePuy a written authorization to retrieve the patient’s medical records and allow DePuy to take possession of the actual device after it is removed. Hip recall lawyers advises you to not sign anything for the recalled products’ manufacturer and to not give any evidence to prove a legal case against them.

Unfortunate patients who were implanted with these devices should be given the proper compensation they deserve to recover a full measure of damages. They should be given the proper guidance and advice to get what is right for them. If you are affected by this recall, you may want to consider seeking the advice of Hip recall lawyers that is experienced and will assist you to get the proper compensation you deserve.

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