UK Tier 4 Dependent Issues

By: jonnylips | Posted: 21st July 2010

Recently I have tried to submit a Tier 4 Dependent for an unmarried couple that have been living together for over 5 years. This couple had more than sufficient evidence of their relationship going back 5 years. On their date of submission the embassy worker did not allow them to submit claiming that this option for an unmarried couple does not exist, even though I had received numerous applications of this type in the past year.

I contacted Worldbrige the organization that works in partnership with the UKBA around the word at British Diplomatic Posts, providing assistance to people applying for UK Visas. They confirmed that this option IS still available.

Yesterday I arranged a meeting with the Head Consul at the embassy and he confirmed that there seems to be some discrepancy in the legislation. He went on to comment that if same sex couples are entitled to this visa option surely then heterosexual couples living together for more than the two year period required SHOULD be entitled to this option too.

In my experience there has been a shift in the way the Embassies are considering applications and anyone thinking of submitting a Visa for the UK needs to be as confident as possible and needs to use the facilities available to the public (Guidance, Immigration Rules) and if you encounter any problems to consult a professional with experience.
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