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Preventing a Head Injury

13th April 2010
By Robert Palmer in Personal Injury
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Aside from fatality, brain damage and serious head injury are some of the biggest risks that people take when they choose to ride motorbikes on the road. Although bikes are much more dangerous than cars or other automotive vehicles, there are a large number of precautions that can be taken. If motorbike riders are clear about the things that they should do to protect themselves there should be no problem with their safety, even if they do have an unfortunate incident whilst out riding the motorbike on the road.

The single most important thing that a rider of a motorbike can do is make sure they are wearing the correct head gear. A well fitting helmet is a must, as it can protect the neck and therefore the spine, and these things can be permanently or badly damaged if the helmet is not fitted correctly. The motorbike helmet also protects the wearer's eyes from sunlight, rain or even gravel that could fly up from the road and into their face, and this heightens the importance of it even more. Motorbike riders should make sure their helmet is secure, and that they have bought it from a reliable source so that it is as safe as it can possibly be. There is now a legal requirement concerning motorbike helmets, and those who do not wear them could even find themselves in court, facing a hefty fine.

Aside from the motorbike helmet, another tip for bikers is that they should attempt to cover their head if they do happen to have an accident on the road or with another vehicle. There can be no other part of the body that is as important, and in the event of an accident riders should do everything that they possibly can to protect this important part of the body.

Another very important thing to remember is that a large number of drivers are not going to be as careful as they should be, and motorbike riders should look out for this especially.

There have been a number of road traffic accidents caused when a car driver hasn't looked for long enough and have pulled out in front of bikes, with bad consequences. If you have suffered a head injury at the hands of a careless motorist then you could lodge a personal injury claim with a specialist solicitor.
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