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Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

13th April 2010
By Robert Palmer in Personal Injury
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As is the case with any road traffic accident, there can easily be a compensation claim made if the victim of a motorbike accident is injured in some way. If the biker is injured and it was completely not their fault, they may be able to make a claim for thousands or in some cases even tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

Although there is a strong chance of being able to claim compensation for an accident if it was not your fault, it may be more difficult for bike riders to claim than it would be for car drivers. This is because riding a motorbike is a very dangerous activity, and is the most risky way to travel. There is always the possibility that compensation companies and lawyers could see biker riders as having brought on the accident themselves by riding a bike whilst knowing the risks, even if they were not directly responsible for this accident in particular.

However, this is completely up to the compensation company in general, and there is still a good chance of some money being won by the claimant in such a case. In the case where drivers have not looked properly for bikes as they have pulled out of junctions there may be a very good case for damages, especially as the bike rider is likely to be much more severely hurt than the car driver.

Such accidents are common, for a large number of reasons -bikes can be judged to be far away when they are not, or drivers may simply just not see them between other cars, especially if the road is busy or there are cars parked along the pavements. Out of all the car accidents that involve collisions with bikes, 65% are because the driver of the car did not see the bike in time.

There is always chance for a compensation claim if the bike rider can prove that the road traffic accident was not their fault, and it is often worth a shot anyway - if the complainant is not successful they will not be charged.
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