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Personal Injury Conditional Fee Agreement

18th May 2011
By stephenschaunt in Personal Injury
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Everyone encounters accidents every once in a while. Even the most careful person on the planet cannot avoid them completely. There will be times when the mishap is caused by the negligence of another person or party. This is the bulk of personal injury litigation, where it is determined if the complainant should be awarded monetary compensation for the injuries received during the accident.

There are lawyers who focus in this area of law. They are called personal injury litigators. They are responsible for building a case that proves that the accident was indeed caused by the negligent behavior of the other party. Their other responsibilities include computing compensation costs and engineering settlement arrangements.

One aspect of personal injury litigation is the Conditional Fee Agreement. This is the no win, no pay policy followed by law professionals in the trade. This means that personal injury lawyers do not charge for their services if they do not win the case. Only when they succeed in court do they receive fees for their efforts. The following are the advantages of the Conditional Fee Agreement.

ĎCí is for Convenient

The Conditional Fee Arrangement is quite convenient for personal injury clients. They are able to obtain legal representation even without putting a lawyer on retainer. In addition, they donít have to pay for the services if the case is not won. Any personal injury lawyer Bay Area or another city will immediately inform potential clients of this policy.

Case Acceptance

Because of this arrangement, Oakland personal injury lawyers and their colleagues from all over the country do not accept cases that are most likely to fail in court. This might not sound like an advantage at first, but it has its benefits too. With their expertise on the subject, they can effectively judge when a case is worth running to the courts to. If it is not, then they can inform the person before he or she wastes any resources on a futile endeavor.


Since a win is necessary for them to get their fees, personal injury litigators do their best to achieve positive results. However, the best personal injury lawyer Bay Area or any other place not only cares about the financial turnout of the case, but cares for the clientís well-being, too.
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