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Marriage Immigration

12th January 2011
By Jamie Hanson in Immigration Law
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Canadian law permits a citizen of their country to sponsor his wife/husband or children for permanent residency. There are certain formalities to adhere to before sponsoring a family member. Your spouse and your children can have access to the citizenship of Canada provided they fulfill the stipulated criteria.

The application for sponsorship should mention their nationality and their relationship to you. They may stay outside of Canada but the norms stipulated have to be convincing. They may be subjected to medical and criminal checks which will be vital. This is essential because if the Canadian authorities feel that the person sponsored could be a risk to the state, he/she may not be permitted to enter.

However, when you sponsor your spouse or conjugal partner to stay with you in Canada it is essential that you should have all the relevant legal papers ready. You will have to guarantee their financial security while they land in the country. You will be able to sponsor them only once and there will be no second time. The commitment you provide to the Government of Canada has to be authentic and verifiable. Your sponsorship becomes your liability in the long run.

The sponsored person may not be eligible to sponsor other relatives if he has defaulted in his commitment. Moreover, if has been criminally indicted by the Canadian government he may not be qualified to sponsor any of his relations. The other factor which is critically appraised is bankruptcy. This will have a negative impact on this person's ability to sponsor.

The recommended spouse should possess an original valid marriage certificate on that date of immigration. Moreover, you can sponsor same-sex individuals to Canada. There are certain stipulations belonging to some countries regarding same-sex relations. Conjugal partners are also allowed by Immigration Canada to apply even though they are not necessarily having a physical relationship but have total commitment to live together.

When sponsoring children to Canada, your child should not be married and should be less than twenty two years of age, or may be dependent for studies or because of disability upon the parent's income. It is necessary to read the Canadian government guidelines and immigration system to complete the application forms and ascertain eligibility. Misrepresenting yourself is dangerous and can put you in a lot of trouble. Once the flaw is detected you will be debarred from sponsoring any one in the future.

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