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Online Tax Refund Get Your Canada Income Tax Refund Fasted Way Possible!

01st February 2011
By jacky in Taxes
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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) starts the process of the tax returns at the mid February. You need to start early so that you may not miss the tax filing deadline. However, you will not be able to get to know about the status of your Canada tax refund until the middle of March. Moreover, after filing your income tax return, at least four weeks you need to wait for checking on the status of your Canada tax refund.

Before choosing the mode of receiving the refund, you need to know the processing time so that you can estimate as to how much time it will take. According to how and when you file your income tax return determines the length of time it make the CRA to process your return. And therefore, it is crucial to prefer the fast and safe mode of filing your return. As online filing method or e-filing is the fastest, easiest and safe method, you may certainly avail of this electronic filing method.

Suppose you prefer paper filing method and file before April 15, it will take around four weeks and if you prefer electronic filing method, you may get your refunds within two weeks. It means that you are supposed to file your income tax return online as early as possible so that your file may get processed soon.

However, to get more information on your income tax return you may contact the CRA directly or visit their website if you seek information. You may require specific details such as your date of birth, your total income, social insurance number etc. It depends on how you are going to receive your refund the time of the arrival will depend on it. For instance, if you are willing to get by mail, it may take considerable time compared to getting your tax refund Canada online.

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