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22nd December 2010
By Jessie Jenkins in Taxes
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For years, Sean Duffy, CPA, CFP ® has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses Sean Duffy, CPA, CFP ®'s expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as financial statements and financial planning

Sean Duffy, CPA, CFP ® is one of the leading firms in and throughout Westfield By combining our expertise, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve Our dedication to high standards, hiring of seasoned tax professionals, and work ethic is the reason our client base returns year after year
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Random Tax Facts for Businesses And Individuals

check Withholding to Avoid a Tax Surprise

If you owed tax last year or obtained a big refund you may possibly want to adjust your tax withholding. Owing tax at the finish of the 12 months could outcome in penalties being assessed. Altering work opportunities, obtaining married or divorced, buying a Homeor getting kids can all outcome in adjustments in your tax calculations.

The IRS withholding calculator on can help compute the appropriate tax withholding. The worksheets in 'Publication 919, How Do I Alter My Withholding?' can also be used to do the calculation. If the outcome suggests an adjustment is necessary, you can submit a new W-4, Withholding Allowance Certificate, to your employer.
If you owed tax last 12 months or obtained a big refund you may want to alter your tax withholding. Owing tax at the finish of the 12 months could result in penalties becoming assessed. ? five Suggestions For Early Preparation
5 Suggestions for Early Planning

Before is much better when it comes to functioning on your taxes. The IRS encourages everybody to get a head commence on tax preparation. Not only do you prevent the last-minute rush, early filers also get a faster refund.

Make certain you have all the information you will need, such as W-2s and 1099s. Don't overlook to save a duplicate for your files..Get the correct forms. They're obtainable close to the clock on in the Forms and Publications section..Acquire your time. Don't overlook to leave room for a coffee break when filling out your tax return. Rushing can mean generating a mistake - and that can be costly!.Double-check your math and Interpersonal Protection number. These are amongst the most widespread mistakes on tax returns. Taking care on these reduces your chances of hearing from the IRS..Get the fastest refund. Using e-submitting with direct deposit gets you a refund in half the time as paper submitting.
Before is much better when it comes to working on your taxes. The IRS encourages everyone to get a head begin on tax preparation.

Right here are a handful of suggestions to aid make certain your contributions shell out off on your tax return:

You can't deduct contributions created to distinct Individual, political organizations and candidates, the benefit of your time or companies and the price of raffles, bingo, or other games of opportunity.

To be deductible, contributions should be created to qualified organizations.

Organizations can inform you if they are certified and if donations to them are deductible. has an exempt business search function to assist you see if an group is qualified. IRS Publication seventy eight, Cumulative Checklist of Businesses, lists all charitable companies except individuals most lately granted tax exempt standing. 78 is obtainable on-line and in numerous public libraries. When preparing to file your federal tax return, don't forget your contributions to charitable businesses. Your donations can add up to a good tax deduction if you itemize on IRS Form 1040, Schedule A. ? Hybrid Autos
Tax Credit For Hybrid Vehicles

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 replaced the clean-fuel burning deduction with a tax credit recognized as the Alternative Motor Automobile Credit. The tax credit for hybrid automobiles applies to automobiles bought or positioned in service on or right after January one, 2006.

Hybrid vehicles have drive trains powered by the two an internal combustion engine and a rechargeable battery. Many presently accessible hybrid autos may qualify for the credit. Taxpayers might claim the credit on their existing year tax returns only if they positioned a competent hybrid vehicle in service in that 12 months. Much more than 40 various models of hybrids are qualified for the credit.

The credit is obtainable only to the original purchaser of a new qualifying automobile. If the qualifying automobile is leased the credit is obtainable only to the leasing business.

To discover out regardless of whether your vehicle qualifies for the hybrid tax credit and the greatest sum of that credit, you can go to the internet site and search for "certified hybrid automobiles."

Nevertheless, if component of the refinanced mortgage loan cash was utilized to finance improvements to the Homeand if the taxpayer meets specific other requirements, the factors associated with the Homeimprovements may be totally deductible in the year the factors had been compensated. Other closing costs - this kind of as appraisal costs and other non-interest charges - usually are not deductible. Furthermore, the amount of Adjusted Gross Income can impact the quantity of deductions that can be taken. -800-829-3676).

Get in touch with us so your wages are correctly reported!
Do you work at a hair salon, barber shop, casino, golf program, hotel or restaurant or drive a taxicab? The tip income you acquire as an personnel from those services is taxable income, advises the IRS. **********************************
Tax Tips for Companies

No 1 aspect alone is decisive. Among the elements to contemplate are regardless of whether: .You carry on the exercise in a company-like manner,.The time and effort you place into the exercise indicate you intend to make it profitable,.You rely on income from the exercise for your livelihood,.Your losses are due to circumstances beyond your control (or are typical in the begin-up phase of your kind of enterprise),.You alter your techniques of operation in an attempt to boost profitability,.You, or your advisors, have the information required to hold on the exercise as a successful company,.You were effective in generating a profit in comparable actions in the past,.The exercise tends to make a revenue in some many years and the quantity of earnings it tends to make, and0.You can expect to make a future revenue from the appreciation of the assets used in the activity.
A pastime is an exercise for which you do not assume to make a revenue. If you do not hold on your business or investment exercise to make a revenue, there is a limit on the deductions you can acquire.

? Your Appeal Rights
Throughout their speak to with taxpayers, IRS workers are required to describe and guard these taxpayer legal rights, such as the correct to attraction.

In inclusion to examinations, you can attraction several other issues, which includes: ·Collection measures such as liens, levies, seizures, installment settlement terminations and rejected provides-in-compromise·Penalties and interest·Employment tax changes and the trust fund recovery penaltyAppeals conferences are informal meetings. The IRS also offers an choice referred to as Fast Monitor Mediation, during which an appeals or settlement officer attempts to assist you and the IRS reach a mutually satisfactory answer. Most circumstances not docketed in court qualify for Quick Monitor Mediation. You might withdraw from the mediation method at any time.

When attending an informal meeting or pursuing mediation, you may represent your self or you can be represented by an attorney, certified public accountant or individual enrolled to practice just before the IRS.

If you and the IRS appeals officer can't attain settlement, or if you favor not to attraction inside the IRS, in most circumstances you may acquire your disagreement to federal courtroom. For much more information on the appeals process, satisfy contact us!
Are you in the middle of a disagreement with the IRS? A single of the assured rights for all taxpayers is the proper to attraction. }
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