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20th December 2010
By Bill Potter in Taxes
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Every person who receives income of one kind or the other has to pay income tax to the government. Tax preparation involves a lot of calculation and prior planning. There are forms to be filled and submitted, and refunds claimed from the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service).

The two major types of tax systems are flat rate taxes and progressive taxes. Flat tax rate is when all earnings are charged at the same rate. Progressive taxes are calculated differentially, based on how much has been earned. For example every $10,000 will be charged higher in the beginning and the following ones would be charged at progressively lower rates. Deductions help individuals and companies pay a lower amount in taxes.

So just think of it this way, the more business income tax you pay the more successful you are. For sure there will always be that desire to cheat your way into paying lesser business income tax than you should really be paying. Most business owners even justify this by saying that there is no way they can earn if they pay the right amount of business income tax.

Now preparing return file and submitting to the IRS online is easy and quick. You do not have to worry whether you have knowledge of complex tax codes or not. All are done easily with the help of software offered by the IRS authorized service provider. All sorts of math and calculations are done easily with the help of software program. Even you can easily search for the possible tax deductions that you are eligible for and claim them for saving your taxable income.

Every year, millions of Americans slave away at their tax forms, trying to figure out what they can write off or how to properly report all of their income. Taxes have become such a process that an entire industry of accountants has formed around it. I believe income tax should be removed and instead, replaced with a higher sales tax. Here's why.

Teaching is an integral part of every field. It rightly said about teachers that: "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others."

These days many individuals choose to do their taxes on their own via tax software. When taking care of your federal taxes these software programs provide a good way to get the taxes done and have all of your tax related questions answered. In addition, many of these federal income tax software programs will also provide telephone numbers for you to call should you need further help with doing your taxes.

Moving forward, the percentage of income tax we pay depends on the type of income we get, and basically on what the governing body in your area charges. There are some instances where there'll be no tax at all, emphasis on the instances, because it's definitely not that common. Anyways, going deeper into the subject matter, it comes in two types, the first one being: progressive tax. How does this method or system work? Simple - the amount deducted from your income varies. The more you earn, the more you pay, and continues to increase as the your "flow of cash" gets bigger.

IRS income tax refunds can be of significant value to the taxpayers and the private investors as well, provided that the value of the refund will be disclosed to them. This may be also true for broad-based income tax refunds. Taxpayers are pushing for increased disclosure of the IRS income tax refund in general and the associated value they create. Meanwhile, the taxpayers or the beneficiaries of remain in the light regarding the value and be able to discuss the value of the refund respectively.

I put it to you that this is the ultimate recipe for economic failure and decline. For who in their right mind will work harder or smarter when they know they will be penalized for it? And that is the essence of the current tax system. It creates a huge barrier to initiative and effort, the very things that should be encouraged. That is the nature of the society we inhabit - one where your best effort is penalised. Now this is entirely legal, but is it moral? Of course not! You wouldn't consider it moral if applied to sport, so why consider it moral when applied to work?
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