Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice

15th November 2010
By Meredi in Medical Malpractice
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When a medical professional such as a nurse, doctor or hospital provides medical treatment at a lower level than the accepted standard, resulting in the patientís personal injury or wrongful death, medical malpractice likely occurred. Medical malpractice, also termed medical negligence, is a serious issue which affects many Americans every year. These are a few of the situations which may warrant a medical malpractice lawyer.

Pharmaceutical Negligence. When a doctor prescribes medication which has a negative effect on a patient, it may warrant a personal injury lawsuit. If the patient has a previously disclosed allergy against the medication, for example, a claim may be in order. If the medication mixes with other current medication in a harmful manner, personal injury or even wrongful death may occur. Pharmacists may be at fault, as well, if they dispensed a medication incorrectly.
Hospital Negligence. On occasion, the individual physician may not be the one at fault; the establishment is. When the hospital does not offer the procedures, equipment or policies necessary to serve the patient and that patientís health is compromised because of it, a medical negligence lawyer can help.

Anesthesia Negligence. Just like prescriptions, anesthesia can be dangerous when administered incorrectly. If your anesthesiologist allows you to be harmed by the anesthesia, whether it occurs before, during or after the surgery, call an Austin personal injury law firm.
Delayed Diagnosis. A delayed diagnosis can be disastrous to a patientís recovery process, particularly in cancer patients. A delayed diagnosis can worsen a personís condition beyond repair, resulting in brain damage, head injury or spinal cord injury.
Misdiagnosis. When an incorrect diagnosis is made, a patient often receives inappropriate treatment, exacerbating the condition.
Surgical Error. Whether the surgeon accidentally cut an organ or left a piece of equipment inside the body, a surgical error can result in extensive damage and further procedures. If youíve been the victim of surgical error, consider contacting your Austin attorney-at-law.
Birth Injuries. Medical negligence can cause oxygen deprivation to occur during a childís birth. Not even considering all the other reasons for birth injury lawsuits, oxygen deprivation in-and-of itself can cause cerebral palsy, erbís palsy and brain damage in your child.

If you believe youíre the victim of medical malpractice, contact your Austin medical negligence lawyers immediately. The statute of limitations in Texas is two years, meaning you may file a personal injury claim for up to two years after the incident occurs.

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