Medical Malpractices and Injury Lawyers

10th August 2011
By stephenschaunt in Medical Malpractice
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Medical malpractice can cause dire consequences, ranging from personal injury to death of a person. This is a highly unlikely thing to happen since medical professionals are required to ensure the safety of their own patients at all times. Unfortunately, there are still cases of people getting hurt or dying because of inappropriate treatment or outright neglect.

The sanctions issued towards the people in charge of ensuring a patientís health vary for each state. However, the most common form of punishment is revoking the license of those responsible either on a permanent or temporary basis, depending mainly on the extent of the damage done to the patient.

There is an intangible agreement between the doctor and the patient that the doctor is responsible for what will happen to the patient during treatment. When medical malpractice occurs, this agreement is breached, since the doctor is clearly not complying with this unwritten agreement.

About 100,000 patients die because of medical malpractices every year, with a lot more getting injured. The most common form of medical malpractice is misdiagnosis. Since the doctor didnít make enough effort to make a clear diagnosis, he or she ends up using inappropriate treatment methods that are either ineffective or outright harmful to the patientís health, such as prescribing the wrong medicine or performing an operation on a perfectly functioning organ. When a doctor makes such a mistake, the patient can get an Oakland Injury lawyer to help him or her pinpoint what the doctor did wrong during treatment so he or she can sue for the damage.

Birth injuries are also a common form of medical malpractice. Infants are extremely delicate, so itís quite easy for them to get injured or even die upon delivery if the doctor is not careful. According to an Oakland Injury lawyer, the safety of the baby lies both on the mother and the doctor. If the doctor fails to provide pre-natal care, he or she is liable for any birth complications that may arise.

Other reasons to contact an Oakland medical malpractice attorney include using wrong dosages of anesthetics or sedatives and surgical errors. These mistakes can potentially cause fatal consequences, so doctors must pay full attention to everything during sedation or surgery. Fortunately, most doctors know better than to let their patient slip into a coma during sedation or play around with their scalpels during surgery.
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