Medical Billing Services,Medical Equipment Financing and Leasing

20th August 2010
By Colin Haley in Medical Malpractice
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Medical Billing Services allows the practice to manage all patient billing and accounting seamlessly and efficiently.It is fully integrated with the EMR, appointment system and charge capture.
Taking advantage of the information flow from the Medical Billing Services, it allows quick and easy billing while ensuring a high degree of accuracy and traceability.

Medical billing service is a challenging business that requires great attention to details, quick billing processing and adherence to norms. Errors such as under pricing,under coding and missed
charges create great loss in the medical practice income.This business must boost your reimbursements. In fact, a medical billing service should be more efficient and effective at medical billing than your own office. A medical billing company should allow you and your personnel to focus on practicing medicine.Medical billing service will allow you to save on overhead expenses such as salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, and printing/office supplies.

Medical Equipment Financing is most effectively obtained through a lease arrangement. Traditional bank lines are perfect for running the day-to-day operations of a business but not for
funding long-term equipment acquisitions. Banks are targeting top- notch doctors as new segment of customers by offering them attractive medical equipment loans. This loan is primarily
taken to either purchase new equipment or taking over the existing one.

Medical technology has come a long way, with exciting new advances being made on a consistent basis. The one issue is cost new, cutting edge equipment has a very high cost factor.
Even equipment that has been around awhile has a prohibitive cost.hus the obvious need for health and medical equipment financing.That being said, it is to your advantage to choose an
equipment financing company experienced in health and medical equipment financing.One that builds long-term relationships with their customers, and can be counted on to provide

financing for medical equipment time and time again.

Medical Equipment Leasing means health care practitioners and administrators have benefited from leasing medical equipment rather than purchasing.Medical equipment such as laboratory
equipment, X-rays, monitors, ultrasound instrumentation is expensive to finance and a vital to the daily operations of a doctor's office. Leasing is the best option, which allows the physician
to pay for the instruments in monthly installments instead of all at once. Physicians see leasing medical equipment programs as a way to help their practice grow. Having the ability to
perform simple testing, such as bone density, urinalysis, EKG, and simple lab work greatly assist the physicians in their diagnosis of their patience.

A large percentage of doctors' offices lease medical equipment. Established hospitals, reference labs, blood banks, physician offices, and clinics lease a majority of their equipment because of the flexible plans offered. Many pharmaceutical companies offer inexpensive lease programs on medical equipment if the hospital or laboratory agrees to purchase reagents for a certain amount of time from that particular pharmaceutical company.

Medical equipment lease allows you to maintain a state-of-the-art health care facility. This minimizes transfers to other, better equipped, facilities for diagnosis and treatment. Lease the latest
in MRI, X-Ray, lab equipment, examination tables, and more.

Requires no down payment and finances only the value of the equipment expected to be depleted during the lease term. The lessee usually has an option to buy the equipment for its
remaining value at lease end.
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