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Looking For A Dallas Divorce Attorney?

04th May 2011
By Aliceshown in Divorce
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Divorce is always a traumatic phase for both the husband and the wife. Especially if there are children involved, then the matter becomes even more serious as there might be an ugly custody battle. According to a recent report the divorce rate in the United States is about 4.95 per 1,000 people!

A divorce may happen due to various reasons such as:

1. Infidelity - If statistics are to be believed, a third of the divorces in the US are due to one of the spouses cheating on the other. Unfaithfulness, once discovered eventually leads to a separation because very rarely people are willing to forgive and forget.

2. Career coming in the way - If one spouse is more successful in his/her career, it often becomes a massive ego problem for the other. Especially if the wife is more successful than the husband, it creates a lot of tension on the home front. Even if both are doing equally well, they find it difficult to spend time with each other due to their hectic schedules.

3. Sexual Incompatibility - Sex is important in a marriage and if any one of the partners can't sustain a healthy sex life, then it leads to various problems. A stage comes when the communication between the two almost comes to a standstill.

4. Abuse - This can be mental or physical. Emotionally torturing a person by insulting and humiliating can cause a lot of strain. It often happens that one spouse is responsible for physical harm by inflicting pain purposely and torturing via the use of weapons.

Whatever be the reason in your case, the first step is to approach a Dallas divorce attorney. It is foolish to fight on your own and only an attorney can help you out in this regard. All you need to do is start your search by going online. You will come across quite a few names, but before you engage the services of any particular firm, make sure that it has been operating for quite some time and has a successful reputation. Always remember that it is impossible for an organization to have a 100% success rate when t comes to fighting court cases, so steer clear of firms making such exaggerated claims as it means that they are just trying to rope in people and earn some money in the process. Therefore, you should exercise slight caution while looking for a firm.

Dallas divorce attorney at The Friedman Law Firm assist their clients in finding personal, effective and productive legal solutions in cases related to divorce.
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