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K1 Fiance Visa : A Process to Bring Your Fiancee to the USA

10th November 2010
By fianceevisa in Immigration Law
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K1 Fiance Visa : A Complicated Process to Bring Your Fiancee to the USA
If you are planning to marry a foreigner here in the United States, one of the many things you have to think about is how to get your fiance(e) here. A foreign national usually cannot enter the country without a visa. If they intend to marry a U.S. citizen while they are here, the appropriate visa to get is a fiance visa or the K1 visa . Coming to the U.S. to marry on a visa other than a fiance visa can result in deportation.
When applying for a fiance visa, many people get frustrated with the process. Some are tempted to just get a tourist visa, which is much easier and faster to get than a fiance visa, and then get married while they are here. They have to understand that coming to the U.S. on a tourist visa with the intent to marry is considered as visa fraud. At the very least, they could be asked to return to their country and file for a marriage visa. Worst case is they will be barred from entering the United States permanently.

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