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Interview questions for obtaining a green card through marriage

22nd February 2011
By Al Kola in Legal
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Contemplating the fraudulent marriages that take area just to get a green card, the marriage visa interview method is often a lot more probing and intensive.

Marriage based green card interview questions:

Prior to goin to your marriage visa interview, make sure that you've copies of all of the documents they request for. Typically prefered documents are latest tax returns and affidavit of support and photocopies of birth certificates and passport.

One more important element would be to have images and joint bank accounts prepared and ready. Also obtaining photographs of one's wedding ceremony, honeymoon, vacations, birthday events are added benefits.
Bank Accounts are incredibly essential. The interviewing officers will likely be convinced seeing you and your partner share property. As well as make sure the bank accounts have earnings of each events credited and joint bills debited. For instance, you may make the lease or mortgage loan payments by means of the account. Easy concerns like the address around the driver's license currently being same because the tax return address will show vital. Also getting cell telephone payments as well as other charges including electrical payments heading into each and every person's name.

The marriage visa interview inquiries may assortment through the common, "how did you meet her" to quite detailed and extreme inquiries. And questions like "Do you know your spouse's family members members? In that case, which ones? If your partner has children from a earlier marriage, their names, ages, in which they dwell, and in which they head to school", and so on. You may be asked in regards to the rent you spend and when it really is compensated and the way the payment is produced. As well as questions including "Do you have a bank account with each other? In which? What sort of account? " and so forth. So be ready and allow it to be extremely crucial to sit collectively a couple of days prior to the interview and examine. Because if the officer interviewing you suspects that your marriage is fraudulent, you are going to need to meet the fraud unit. An officer will interview you and your wife or husband separately and explicitly. After which the outcomes of the two your interviews will likely be in contrast.

At instances, the officer may well intimidate you, reminding you concerning the jail time period and fines if caught committing marriage fraud. They may also occasionally ask you to withdraw the visa application or let you know to indication stating that your marriage can be a fraud. If your marriage is genuine, don't signal this sort of points. If asked to do so, you are able to reschedule the Immigration interview and you can bring an attorney with you the following time.

Ironically, occasionally truly married partners also get suspected since of their personalized characteristics and might have to undergo a fraud interview. And people who don't share a frequent language, or differ substantially in age, course, religion as well as educational qualifications as well as individuals who do not reside at the very same deal with might be named for a fraud interview. You might also be called if your application missed information that your marriage is genuine or if it includes some inconsistencies or looks suspicious.

Make sure that you're trustworthy within your US visa interview. The interviewer will typically request inquiries he currently has the answers to. So hold all of your documents organized to create points easier for the two the interviewer and also to you.

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