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Information About Ohio's Free Divorce Records Sites

07th June 2011
By Ben Dave in Divorce
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There are times when we need to go over divorce documents for information or legal reasons. At other times, some of us just have to make sure that the details contained in the record are precise and has to errors. The Ohio Department of Health is the agency tasked with keeping all Ohio divorce records which is being handled by the department’s Vital statistics office. They can produce records of divorce proceedings that took place in the state of Ohio since 1954. These records will only hold the basic details in relation to the particular divorce, however.

To get a certified copy of divorce records and other certified documents in the state of Ohio, you need to get an application form from the Vital Statistics office of the Ohio Department of Health. If you don’t want to have to drive all the way to their offices to get the necessary forms for your request, you can access the department’s official website to download a copy of the application form and have it printed.

Once you have the application form, you need to fill out the form as accurately as possible, provide the names of the couple involved in the divorce proceedings, as well as the city or the county in which the divorce was filed. The date of the divorce should also be provided, but if you are not sure of the exact date, you can simply enter an estimated date and stress out how many years back, or forward, you wish to search. You then proceed to the “Record Search” section and put a check on the checkbox next to “Divorce”. Do a once over on the application form when you are done filling it out, just to make sure that you did not miss anything.

Once you are done filling out the form, you can now submit it to the Vital Statistics office of the Ohio Department of Health either in person, or by sending it via postal mail. The address of their offices is located in their official website. Upon submission of the application form, there will be a processing fee worth $21.50. If you decided on mailing the form, you can enclose the said processing fee with the application form.

Furthermore, you may have to pay extra on top of the processing fee, since they will be charging three dollars for every ten years you requested for the search. Luckily, online information providers are quite common nowadays. Such websites can help you find the Ohio divorce records you are looking for, since these websites have databases that store records on a statewide scale. There is virtually no need to travel or visit government offices and agencies.

Obtaining divorce records through conventional means was acceptable in the past. But nowadays, more and more individuals realize that utilizing the Internet to get such vital records is much more efficient and quite effortless. In this arena, online information providers are a researcher’s best friend.

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