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IGNOU Program A Versatile approach to enhance your career at each and every stage of your life

04th May 2011
By Sunita Roy in Criminal Law
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Education is among the most standard wants to guarantee the growth of a community as well as, subsequently, a nation. Accomplishment of upper education is definitely a challenge for Indian nationals. Research indicates that lower than 40 percent of your youth within India continue on to school and only half the entire population is actually literate. Furthermore, just a quarter of those who perform graduate through tertiary education are considered employable. These types of disturbing statistics tend to be what have pressed in order to obtain a greater academic method which may provide better accessibility to education for the disadvantaged categories of society so that you can strengthen the human resources of the country of India. The Indira Ghandi National Open University is really a direct result of this.
Established in 1985 and considered the largest university in the world with so many IGNOU courses, the school hopes to promote and set standards for distance and open education in the country too as serve as a national resource center that offers an avenue for study and training. Because its founding, a massive percentage of the student population of India has been able to take advantage of the program, with over 2 million students enrolled within the courses. Further, numerous affiliate schools have been established in 35 countries abroad. At present, the IGNOU offers over 300 academic programs which are created up of 1100 courses at the certificate, diploma, and degree levels. Because of the vast number of courses that are available and the success it has had, the school was awarded and recognized as the country’s initial Centre of Excellence for Distance Education in 1993.

Distance understanding, by way of the IGNOU courses, has surely completed well in India and within the other, mostly Asian, countries that it has turn into affiliates with. One of the main reasons behind this will be the truth that students who live in far-flung areas now have simple access to education. Geographical and poor transport system limitations aren't longer a hindrance to acquiring a degree.
Further, as most young adults who are at the proper age to enter college are already expected to support in offering income for the family members, the flexible schedule that's a key feature of the Open University is an added benefit since they can generate a schedule that doesn't interfere with their responsibilities inside the family.
The broad scope of courses offered has also helped in the success of the IGNOU. Whilst the Indian government is keen on focusing on science and technology programs at the tertiary level, the options inside the Open University aren't limited to these. They have departments for Performing and Visual Arts also as for the Humanities, like the School of Social Sciences, School of Gender Development Studies, and School of Social Work.

With the quite a few benefits that the IGNOU courses and its educational system supply, there's a high potential for the increased and rapid development of the work force in India. Distance learning has afforded students having a wonderful education opportunity that was not available prior to. This could possibly be the answer to the problem in literacy and education, not only in India, but also the other countries that have partnered with this school.
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