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How to File Taxes Online for Free?

22nd December 2009
By frenn in Taxes
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When you're wondering whether anything tax-related could be positive, we stumble upon a tax filing program of the federal government. The Free File program zeroes in on individuals whose income tax had been at less than $54,000 this past year. By the way, the due date for tax returns is on fifteenth of April.

History of the Free File Online

To be able to file online without having to worry about unscrupulous traders charging service fees, you have to go the IRS own home page and start there. After browsing through the site, make sure you read if you qualify for the program at all. If you do, you can begin your free filing.

The Internal Revenue Service like other departments of federal government is often kind enough to reduce service fees whenever possible. The IRS had collaborated with some companies engaged in the production of software, producing the Free File program in the end.

Fine Clauses

The Free File program isn't a universal program for all returns. In fact, if you're thinking of state returns then you can kiss the "free" clause goodbye. Remember, the Free File program is only for taxes for the federal government and not for individual states if they demand any.

Another thing you have to remember is that the programs provided by such free services on the World Wide Web would not necessarily help you in reducing the amount of money you have to give back to the government.

Unlike those self-help books on how to milk the most out of the US government, these programs can only formalize your returns and create neat margins and figures. While there are some features that would allow you to reduce the total return, don't expect these features to be that precise or efficient.

Free Version versus Commercial Version

Take note that the free software for filing tax returns was the one being described beforehand. The free version is more appropriate for about 90% of all filers, as no irregular variables are present in the equation. However, if you have just recently experienced certain major events, such as being laid off because of the world crisis, then you might want the commercial version of the software. The commercial version is more feature packed and would be able to assist you in acquiring discounts and other deductions.

No Strings Attached

If you want other means of filing for free, then you might want to visit the websites of state-run departments of revenue. Like the larger federal government, state-run departments are often willing to extend the same kind of help to people who require them.

If you want to find out more about the Free File software from the Internal Revenue Service, you might want to visit their website and look at the detailed instructions and the FAQ provided by the website.

Other commercial websites are offering detailed instructions on how to file tax returns. You might want to visit AARP, MetLife or even MSN Finance for these resources. Make sure you compare data, and pick the best guides.

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