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How to Buy Luxury Backpack Purses

14th February 2012
By Joanna Baillie in Trusts
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Backpack purses, also known as rucksack, knapsack, packsack and simply pack have taken the celebrity world over by the storm. Top women celebrities are spending thousands of dollars over designer pack bags. Unlike its ancient use, that is, to transport a hunterís prey, rucksack is carried as a fashion accessory nowadays. In fact, the American actress and designer twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen launched a rucksack bag in alligator skin with a staggering price tag of $39,000 in 2011. If you like the idea of a knapsack bag but you require guidance to choose the best suited for you, read on.

Tips to Buy Best Designer Inspired Backpack Purses

Given below are the simple tips on how to shop for practical yet stylish backpack purses from wholesale retailers:

  • Comfort
    In order to carry the bag comfortably while on a stroll, look for bags that have wide enough straps. The rucksack will get comfortably settled on the shoulder muscles without causing much stress or discomfort if the straps are neither too narrow nor too wide.

  • Versatility
    In order to make a wise purchase, look for versatility in backpack purses. Not all the time would you want to carry the knapsack on your shoulder? Small to medium sized pack bags should have the convenience of being carried from handles or on the shoulder. Therefore, look for adjustable straps, leather handles that also add to the style quotient of a luxury bag.

  • Budget
    Determine the budget and specifications you want in a rucksack purse. Designer shoulder bags that are designed in expensive materials, such as leather, suede and microfiber can cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you are particular about the quality in a tight budget, consider wholesalers that offer designer inspired versions of the latest bags carried by the celebrities.

  • Details
    Designer bags are valued for the exclusive workmanship and detailing. So, in order to bring home an impressive knapsack, pay extra attention to the zippers, hardware, pockets, and stitching. Front pockets look extremely stylish in backpack purses however if not that make sure there are attractive zip detailing in the merchandise you choose. Designers mostly finish their creation with double stitching therefore look for that particular detail also before placing the order.

  • Celebrity influence
    If you are a fashion conscious woman, simply buying a good looking rucksack would not be good enough. The purchase you make should have some celebrity value attached to it to make people notice. Find out which top celebrities are spotted with backpack purses and place orders for identical design on a wholesale website.

  • Colors
    Leather knapsack bags are highly chic and sophisticated in their appeal. Therefore, do not go over the board with colors and patterns. Top celebrities, such as Rachael Bilson, Megan Fox, British model, Daisy Lowe are mostly seen with backpack purses in solid colors. Black, red and white are the best colors to a stylish rucksack in.

    Lastly, ensure that the wholesale retailer you choose to place the order with is well known and is recommended by many. Visit their website prior to placing the order to find out if they give any quality assurances or guarantees on their merchandise.

If you would like to buy most sought-after backpack purses with practical price tags, visit BagInc has dedicated budding designers that create close match to handbags that top celebrities are spotted carrying. The prices are highly affordable as skilled Asian artisans work upon the designs without compromising on the quality.

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