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Himachal Pradesh - The Land of Forests, National Parks and wild life sancturies.

11th October 2011
By munish gupta in Trusts
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Himachal Pradesh - The Land of Forests, National Parks and wild life sancturies.

Forests of Himachal Pradesh are the pride of the Nation. Concious of the fact to preserve this ecological heritage, the state has established an extensive network of 32 wildlife sacturies and 2 National Parks across the state in all natural habitats to provide safe shelter to wildlife and conserve bio diversity. 13.6% of stats geographical area us covered under protected area network as compared to 4.7% at national level.

The forests of the state support a variety of wild flora and fauna, occupying different habitats and ecological niches. The natural and cultural richness of the state coupled with the simple peace loving people and traditional hospitality makes the state a most favoured Eco-Tourism destination. State government has adopted a eco-tourism policy thats aims to conserve the rich cultural and ecological heritage of the state so as ensure the economical benefits to the local communities.

The wild life sancturies and national parks provide home to large number of endangered,threatened and vulnerable wildlife species snow leopards., Musk Deer, Himalayan wolf, Thar and most beautiful pheasants western tragopan, monal, cheer pheasants and red jungle fowl. The state is endeavouring to become pioneer in the conservation of these endangered wildlife species and conservation breeding of phesants.

Till now, the knowledge of common tourist has been limited to only a few well known wildlife sancturies and National Parks- great himalayan national park in Manali, Pong dam wetland in kangra, kibber wildlife sanctury and pin valley national park in spiti. Kugti wildlife sanctuary has abundance of brown bears and daranghatu sanctuary newar rampur abounds in the most beautiful pheasant, the western tragopan.

The endeavour of the forest department through its wildlife wing is to reach all nature loving tourists to come and explore the unexploited potential of other sactuaries and national parks of the state.

Keeping in view the curiosity of common man to know about wildlife sanctuaries and National parks of the state, the wildlife wing has decided to bring a souvenir booklets for prviding basic information on the protected areas.

The state's wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, along with some of its remote forests, provide the last refuges to our diminishing biodiversity, floral and faunal , and provide an opportunity to the nature lovers and those who appreciate wildlife to explore these wonders of nature and undisturbed environment.

Unluckily, the information on state's PAN is so far available only in acadmic realm. The lay public is yet to be made aware of these gifts of nature. there is also a hugely unexploited potential for developing nature and wildlife based tourism in the forests of HP.

The state forest corporation has in its own way,been making unflagging efforts towards nature improvement, and has been prefabricated a crushed raid into the area of nature tourism. Excavation in quislingism with forest section, we trust to gradually modify nature touristry hubs within or tightlipped to wildlife habitats.

Every year wildlife week is celebrated begining 2nd october coinciding with birthday of the father of the nation and opstle of peace, Mahatma Gandhi. The year 2011, being the 57th year is being celebrated wildlife week.

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