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How I Divorced and Managed to Survive with my family's help

22nd December 2009
By Cory Aidenman in Divorce
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Years ago I thought I was happy, in love, and my future looked bright.I was young and didn't understand marriage. I thought in the back of my
head he may be with me only for the papers, but that quickly went away once he would do something sweet. Though, after a while many things came to light, the way he was using me, the lies, and lastly his cheating. It was our second year as a married couple.

Finally, in the second year I told him one day not to come home from work, I would leave the apartment giving him two weeks to move out, that is when the beginning of the end of the relationship. Our divorce would be easy since there were no assets or children, but the emotions were difficult. All was needed was for him to take his things and leave. The separation financially would be easy. Emotionally however, it will
change me forever.

It was first real relationship. We were so close and I was throwing him out of my life.
It wasn't an easy decision, but when I finally realized that he isn't good for me and especially my health as I was having panic attacks and not sleeping, I decided that it was time to make a change. That's when the desperation started. I would panic that I had made the wrong decision. He had affected my self esteem to such an extent that I couldn't imagine anyone ever loving me.

After many arguments and many nights when I battled with myself, the date to go to divorce court was set. Once the papers were signed and done with is when the hardest part started. Everything seemed like a dream. My brother forced me out of the house to go out with him, and I would sit and look aimlessly in one direction. With my family's help to keep my chin up and my brother constantly taking me out of the everyday life I was living I started to see some light. Then I met my current boyfriend. It was the scariest experience ever. He
was the opposite of what my ex-husband represented. From there we were friends for a while and took things very slowly as it was incredibly difficult for me to even imagine that I was with someone else.

At time it showed, however, as he understood what I had gone through understood and spoke with me about the problems, feeling, and solutions. With my family's help keeping me from harming myself and showing me that he wasn't the only person in the world to love me, and lastly with the understanding and support of my current boyfriend I was able to overcome the divorce, as well as gain trust back in men.

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