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Hiring a Utah Personal Injury Attorney

05th August 2010
By RyanC in Personal Injury
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Have you or a loved one suffered an injury as the result of someone else's actions? Wouldn't it be nice if that person offered to compensate you for your injury, or if their insurance company would do the right thing and offer a fair settlement? Unfortunately, we live in a world where this rarely happens. Too many people refuse to take responsibility for their actions, while insurance companies and their lawyers know enough about the law to profit from injury victims. Everyday people usually don't know what legal rights they possess to protect themselves.

That's why hiring an experienced Utah personal injury attorney is a good idea. They know how to build a case, negotiate with insurance companies, and take a case to trial. You could negotiate with an insurance company by yourself, but be prepared to be taken advantage of at every angle. Insurance companies will provoke statements from you that will damage your credibility if you decide to sue in the end. A Utah personal injury attorney can help you get a settlement that will be a great deal bigger than any settlement you could obtain on your own.

Most Utah personal injury attorneys will accept a case based on a contingency fee, which means they get a percentage of your award if you win the case, or they get nothing if you lose the case. Contingency fees will vary depending on what state you live in, but in most states the fee will be about 40% of your personal injury award. This percentage can be negotiated, especially if your case has the potential of earning a large settlement.

When choosing a Utah personal injury attorney, narrow your search to a couple different ones between hiring one. The attorney you choose could make the difference between winning and losing your case, so make sure he or she has a lot of experience with your situation. Get referrals from friends, family or coworkers. Word of mouth is often the best form of advertising. If you know someone who has comes out of a personal injury case successfully, you should definitely contact their lawyer for help. Before hiring one, you should meet with all of the attorneys you are considering and get a free consultation about your case. Ask them questions about how they will handle your case, and ask about any additional fees they might have. You should also ask if they have ever been disciplined or suspended from practicing law and why, as this will shed a lot of light on their character and professionalism. Remember that when you meet with an attorney, it doesn't mean you have to hire them to handle your case. Keep your options open for as long as possible.

Once you have decided on a Utah personal injury attorney, ask what he or she expects the expenses will be for the case. This is important due to the fact that if the case is lost, the client will still be responsible for paying the personal injury attorney's expenses. Let the attorney know that you would need to be kept up to date regarding any expenses as they occur.

There are several places where you can search for a good lawyer. Start by using the American Bar Association/ Martindale Hubbell lawyer locator search. You can enter in the law field that you are searching for as well as your state and receive a list of personal injury attorneys. You could consider a subscription with Best Lawyers in America, or you could select a personal injury attorney who is a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers.

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