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Heelys Skate Shoes - The Style Statement

14th July 2011
By Elbert Carson in Family Law
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The soft and thick leather body hugs the foot perfectly to make it more comfortable to wear and skate in.


The polyurethane midsoles are made to be long-lasting and extremely durable. They aren't very far from the looks of regular rubber, but the quality is much higher and even more dependable. You can skate all you want without worry about breaking or damaging the shoes. The Hurricane also has the trademark Wave Comfort Heel Bracket from Heelys that makes it very comfortable to skate in even if all your weight is applied on the heel, and skating for hours wouldn't make you feel any kind of pain or discomfort on the heel area. The soles are made of flesh gum and the wheels are colored black. The other color has a more masculine edge, with a blue accent. The front toecap and the tongue are black, as well as the midsoles and back panels. The entire body is white with a blue logo on the side. The inside of the tongue is blue and there are white logos on the tongue and on the midsoles. The soles are blue with black interior and a blue logo at the center. The wheels are also blue. You can surely find your perfect match from these varieties.


If you're looking for extreme skating fun, this pair of Heelys for adults isn't exactly for you. Because of the unorthodox skate design, the Heelys require force on the heels to be able to run. This isn't a very good way of skating because all the pressure will be transferred to the heels, and this can cause strain and wear on your heels. It's also not that easy to control heel wheels especially for males with bigger feet whose feet tend to fall across while skating on the heel. The fabric is also very dust-accumulating, and they might wear out easily when it comes to the appearance, making them look old and worn even after just months of constant use.


If you're a male adult with the heart of a child, you will surely enjoy having the Heelys Adult Hurricane Skate Shoe. It's fun to wear, stylish and fashionable to use, and comfortable to walk and skate in even for several hours. This pair of Heelys for adults is what I highly recommend for all skate lovers who don't want to invest in skate shoes alone. The Hurricane isn't just for skating - it's for both skating and style.

One of the most popular brands of shoes today is Heelys, a brand of shoes that feature heel wheels that you can use to skate. There are various models of Heelys for boys as well as for girls, and you can definitely find a good one for you or your child. One of the best models that your child will love from this brand is the Heelys Little Kid/Big Kid Fray Skate Shoe. This is an in-depth review about this model.

General Description

If you're looking for a gorgeous model of Heelys for boys and also for girls, the Fray is perfect for kids of all sizes. The name Street Lo was derived from the design with a Lo-Top. It also has a combination of patent and pearlized leather overlays, making the shoe a combination of shiny and breathable fabrics.

The shiny leather overlays are beautifully accented with jewels on the sides, and the patent side panels are holed for extra breathability.
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