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23rd June 2011
By Rene Wilcox in Family Law
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The process of divorce is a double-edged divorce. It can either be a simple matter or a complex legal maze that ends up draining all the parties involved. Therefore, it is vital to find a good divorce lawyer who can handle all this.

Finding a good lawyer is of the utmost importance. Firstly, a good lawyer gives advice on how to conduct the entire business of going about divorce.

Secondly, a good divorce lawyer will be able to handle the case competently, in such a way that the outcome will favour his client. A good divorce lawyer will also save the family the headache of having to deal with technical legal matters. This then lets the family to deal with the emotional and financial issues that a divorce brings with it. Below is a discussion on how to find a good divorce lawyer.

If starting from scratch, then references would be a good place to begin to find a good divorce lawyer. A lawyer who comes recommended, in most cases, will promise to be a much better find than one who is randomly picked off the yellow pages. Regardless of the method used to find a lawyer though, it is important to give oneself an opportunity to size the lawyer up. This is best done by lieu of a consultation. The consultation is an opportunity for the prospective client to discuss the generalities of his case with the lawyer and getting a feel of the amount of legal fees he is likely to incur during the proceedings. This discussion has the aim of getting the client to decide whether the lawyer is a good fit for their case.

If the prospective client does not feel at ease with the lawyer, then he is not obligated to hire him and should tell the lawyer that they will call with a decision. The client must not feel manipulated to enter into any employment contracts if they do not feel comfortable doing so.

A number of qualities should be uppermost when looking for a good divorce lawyer. Firstly, a good divorce lawyer makes a point to hear the full story from the client.

This is because a good lawyer will want to understand all the facts of the case before dispensing advice or deciding on a suitable cause of action.

Another quality is the possession of extensive knowledge in the law of divorce. This trait enables the lawyer to gain the confidence of the client as he is able to determine the legal issues that need to be addressed and give sound advice on the way forward.

The other quality to look for in a good divorce lawyer is that of being ethical. Good ethics demand that the lawyer show a character of integrity in all his dealings including his charging of legal fees.

The lawyer must also dispense the best possible advice to his client even if it means foregoing personal profit. Divorce is emotionally difficult time and a lawyer must not exploit his client due to this vulnerability.

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