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05th January 2011
By dyinasmith in Immigration Law
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Getting an US visa is not that easy while compared with other countries Visa process. The last process in this Visa process is the final visa interview with the consular section of US embassy Barcelona. If a couple is applying for a visa to travel to United States, then they will have to provide all necessary documents that are required for applying the Visa. The consular will also verify whether they are truly married couples and do they have any civil or criminal cases against them at any situation. Such other similar process will be done as per the USA embassy information.

At time of interview if the Consular requires additional information on their Visa, then they will put on hold the visa form and ask to submit more details and proofs as required by the USA embassy information. Or if they suspect it to be a fraudulent people applying for Visa, then they will issue a Visa rejected letter and move the case to fraudulent department. To further investigation if they found it is a genuine case, then they will provide the Visa or actions will be taken accordingly. Under the current process in US embassy Barcelona, if the Visa papers needs to be obtained approval, then the passport will be held at Consular office and the couple will be issued a Re card. Red card is nothing but a card issued with date and stamp mentioned on it to collect the Visa from the embassy. It is called as Red card because the details stamped are written in Red.

There are two types of Visa, one is migration visa, this visa is applied for people who are going stay permanently in US, and immigration visa is applied for temporary reason either for business purpose or for pleasure. US Visa information guide will be very useful to all the travelers because it consists of all details that is required in getting all documents that is necessary for a Visa. Also the travelers can get details about US Visa information guide from the websites. There will also be few details available like whom to contact, where to submit the documents etc. So having details gathered from US Visa information guide is very helpful.

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