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Free Divorce Advice for Women Undergoing Emotional Abuse

15th December 2010
By mcwest in Divorce
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Trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage? This article brings light to what goes on during emotional abuse and provides free divorce advice that women should know in order for them to make the best decision possible regarding their situations.

Emotional abuse is no laughing matter, especially for married women. Although women may not be physically injured or hurt when experiencing emotional abuse, thus leading them to think that it is acceptable to an extent, it is still important to remember that abuse, whether physical or psychological, is a sign that there is something wrong with their marriage.

Therefore, women who are suffering from emotional disorders and planning to divorce their abusive spouses are highly advised to thoroughly evaluate their feelings first before filing divorce to the court in their respective states.

Everything’s okay?
The worst thing that emotional abuse does to married women is that they give further permission to their husbands to control and dominate them. As a result, emotionally abused women become trapped in a vicious cycle of screaming and berating from their husbands that they are transformed into meek and submissive creatures. Worse, they eventually think that, since the verbal abuse from their spouses regularly occurs, there is nothing wrong with their marriage.

Abused women have to realize that being constantly put down by their husbands has never and will never be okay by any standards. When something happens all the time, it does not mean that it is normal.

Break away from the mental barrier
There has been lots of question as to why women find it difficult to simply leave and divorce their abusive partners. The reason here is because the constant verbal attacks mess up the minds and lowers their self-esteem. During these vulnerable times, women feel worthless and undeserving of any love and company. If they do think of divorcing their spouses, then their feelings of inferiority and the thought that they do not have anything outside their marriage prevent them from leaving their marriage. Also, the fear that their husbands would cause even more abuse to them if they leave the marriage is a factor that keeps divorce from happening.

Women need to abandon all of these mental distortions caused by emotional abuse because they allow their partners to control them. Abused women need to find in themselves that they are worth more than what they feel about themselves and that they are the only ones stopping them from leaving their husbands.

Seek for support
Another problem why women find it difficult to break through from their abusive marriages is the lack of support from third parties. These women are those who smile and act normal in front of other people in order to mask their sadness and the gravity of their situations. They do this because it is their defense mechanism in order to protect them from further hurt and allow them to function normally. Also, abused women are afraid to seek help from people because they think that their situation will only get worse when other people get involved.

Abused women must realize that in order to overcome their abusive marriages, they should acknowledge the need for help. Since they have already been controlled by their emotional abuse, it is difficult for them to solve and bear the problem by themselves. Therefore, they are highly advised to look for support groups and help from family members to deal with the situation.

Below are some divorce advices for women to facilitate their divorce from an abusive spouse:
  • Leave without warning in order to catch them off-guard and prevent them from hunting you down

  • Bring your children with you so that they will be saved from being abused

  • Always be in company with a family member or friend before, during, and after the divorce

  • Move to a different state, if possible, to avoid any influence from your spouse

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