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6 Useful Tips for Establishing Communication with Your Divorce Attorney

13th December 2010
By melissa in Divorce
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Going through a divorce can drain you of time and emotional stability. During a divorce, couples tend to become impatient and uncommunicative with their divorce attorney because the stress. Avoid this mindset because you need to get coordination for every important step in the divorce procedures. It's crucial to always keep the lines of communication open with a Bloomfield Divorce Attorney. Here are some tips that you can follow for establishing communication with your divorce attorney.

Select the ideal lawyer for your case

During the entire period of the divorce proceedings, you will spend much time discussing sensitive and extremely personal information with your divorce attorney. Be sure you choose a lawyer with whom you can feel comfortable. The decision to retain an attorney is a very big step, so be sure you shop around, scheduling interviews with your potential choices whenever possible. It is necessary to build trust and confidence with your attorney from the initial stage, and for this you can take the suggestions and inputs from your friends.

Be upfront and genuine when discussing the matter

It might give you some comfort to know that your divorce attorney is bound by ethical and legal obligations that will keep him or her from disclosing private information about you, so there is no need for you to try and impress your attorney. Be honest and sincere in all that you tell him/her, since even the most minute details could be influential in the proceedings. Honesty is the best policy, for this will strengthen the quality of communication between you and your attorney, not to mention that it will create bonds of trust.

First provide the papers requested

Documenting all the relevant information will allow you to present it in a discreet and objective fashion. You require document details of time you have spent with your children, whether your spouse has driven them to your place on time and each time you provide payment for child support. In order to keep your attorney informed regarding your current situation, be sure he has copies of any documents you receive as soon as they become available to you.

Schedule appointments

Though you may like to have telephonic conversations with your attorney if you do not have free time, better communication and clearer exchange of information takes place when you meet in face-to-face meetings. Also, learn to schedule appointments whenever you must, for they help make sure you and your attorney have one another's undivided attention at critical points in your relationship.

Be friendly with your lawyer's assistant

Your attorney's assistant serves as the gatekeeper between your attorney and his or her clients. Learn to be sociable and friendly with the assistant because that relationship can help improve your access and communication lines with your divorce attorney.

Ask the name of the paralegal who is handling your case

Most of the documentation and legal work of your case will be handled by the paralegal. Be sure to know who the paralegal working on your case is. Obtain a business card with contact information so that you can remain in contact with him or her. By building a personal connection with your attorney, you'll enable better preparation for your case.

Getting a divorce is unpleasant so having a divorce lawyer can make it a little easier on you.


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