FlatFee Trademark offers Trademark Registration Services for $195

26th April 2010
By infoalexjoy in Copyright & Trademark
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Trademark registration ensures that you are the only person who can use your particular brand name or logo on the different kinds of goods or services that you offer. Nowadays, trademark and brand name imitation have become a persistent problem. Therefore safeguarding the value and importance of trademarks has gained primary importance. The first and foremost step that should be taken to protect your trademark is federal trademark registration.

Trademark registration authorizes owners to file suit in federal court to protect their trademarks in cases of violation or infringement. Trademark owners can also seek three times their actual damages as well as attorney’s fees. Registered trademarks may also be filed with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency to prevent the unlawful entry of violating goods and after five years your ownership and right to use the mark becomes indisputable, eliminating nearly every possible defense against infringement.

FlatFee Trademark offers Trademark Registration Services for just $195 to help you with the federal trademark registration process. Our team of highly experienced trademark attorneys and lawyers provide comprehensive trademark, copyright, and intellectual property protection, including trademark searches, trademark and copyright registration, and trademark monitoring and protection.

Some of the other comprehensive services and packages offered by FlatFee Trademark are:

Federal Trademark Search
Comprehensive Trademark Search with Attorney Opinion Letter
Federal Trademark Application
Comprehensive Trademark Search and Application Package
Non-standard Office Action Responses
International Trademark Registration (Madrid Protocol and non-Protocol countries)
Registered Trademark Monitoring
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Filing Fees

Federal Copyright Database Search
Federal Copyright Registration
U.S. Copyright Office Filing Fees

So don’t wait to make the right move, get your trademark registered right away and become the nationally recognized owner to protect your trademark and brand name from unauthorized use and infringement
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