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Five Questions You Must Ask A UK Dropshipping Firm

21st September 2011
By petercorp22 in Business Law
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Many people are getting attracted to the online selling business thanks to dropshipping. Dropshipping is a supply chain management technique that allows retailers to sell products without actually owning them. A retailer only markets products and takes orders from customers while the supplier maintains inventory, processes orders, and ships products to customers. As the retailer does not own and hold inventory, his or her risk is reduced considerably. Therefore, this retailing business model is excellent, especially for newbies. To make the most of the dropship concept, it is important for you to partner with a trustworthy UK dropshipping firm.

Here are some questions that you should ask a UK dropshipping company to assess whether they could deliver as per your requirements and expectations.

• What Kind Of Products Do You Offer?

Some dropshippers UK give access to their catalogs only to registered members. If you are not able to check the dropshipper’s range of products online, you should ask them to give you some idea of the kinds of products they offer. For instance, ask them what product niches they cater to, whether they sell only unbranded products or branded as well, and if they add new products and offers daily or weekly.

• What Is Your Lead Time?

Lead time means the average time a firm takes for order processing. The lower the lead time, the better it is for your business. When people buy online, they are usually anxious till they get their products. So, if you ensure quick delivery, your customers will feel happy and confident.

• How Do You Handle Returns And Exchanges?

A lot of things can go wrong while processing orders. A dropship firm can make the mistake of sending wrong or damaged items. It could make errors that may lead to situations like customers receiving products that are not as described. In order to handle such problems easily and quickly, your UK dropshipping firm should have an easy exchange and returns procedure. Moreover, they should give at least 15 days after product delivery to customers for exchanging and returning products.

• Do You Have Minimum Order Requirement?

The main attraction of dropshipping is that you are not required to place minimum orders. However, some UK dropshippers do have minimum order requirements as they cannot bear the cost of dropshipping single units. Therefore, before associating with a UK dropshipping firm, make sure you understand their minimum order requirements, if any.

• What Types Of Fees You Charge?

UK dropshippers charge various kinds of fees, from membership fees, order processing fees, and handling and shipping fees to restocking fees. In order to understand what it would cost you to dropship items, you should have a thorough understanding of the types of fees your dropshipper would charge.

Finding a good UK dropshipping firm is an overwhelming task. This is not because there is a dearth of dropshippers but because most of them do not follow ethical business practices and fail to deliver as per customers’ expectations. Therefore, it pays to do through research on dropshippers UK before you register with them.
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