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Finding More about Australian Visa

14th September 2011
By preeti sharma in Immigration Law
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The Land of Endless Opportunities, Australia, is a dream destination for many future migrants. It is a nation which has much to offer to everyone. From pristine natural beauty to unrestricted scope for non-stop adventure, from a constantly progressing economy to a hotspot offering a wide variety of jobs in many vocations, from excellent law & order situation to superb healthcare - Australia indeed has something or the other for all.

With a view to immigrate to Down Under one should have a legal visa. For this visa, one has to first apply via a Visa Application. Australia immigration visa enables one to legally stay in the country and afterwards submit an application for the purpose of permanent residency status there.

The criteria involving eligibility for visas of Down Under vary with each category, and changes have been introduced into the immigration policy with a view cater to the shifting needs of the labor industry. The key categories of Australia visa are those issued in the favor of immigrants, workers, visitors, students, refugees and employers.

Every year, the most number of applications is submitted under the categories of "Migrants" and "Workers". The General Skilled Migration Program of the Australian Government favors those who possess any specifically sought-after vocation (listed in the SOL), and who also do not have sponsorship from their employer.

Points To Mull Over While Applying For Australian Visa

A few key points about getting a visa of Australia have to borne in mind while submitting an application for the purpose. These include:

The visa system of Australia is a universal one. Illegal or non possession of visa may land one in soup and the concerned person may be punished by the government. It could be in the form of detention and/or big penalty.

Canberra sets a goal for immigration every year which is planned to offset the balance in many fields of immigration, including skills, business, and family.

Sometime at the beginning of this year, key amendments have been introduced into the Immigration Policy of the nation. There have been a few changes in the Program of General Skilled Migration. The list on Migration Occupations in Demand has been cancelled and substituted with a Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Canberra has continually been making efforts to introduce additional avenues of employment to those well deserving applicants from across the globe who aspire to get a visa to this wonderful nation.
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