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The Unique Culture Of China

12th September 2011
By Allen Tannor in Immigration Law
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China dates back thousands of years and is very rich in its unique culture. It is necessary to obtain the Chinese visa in order to explore the cultural beauty. Chinese dress and attire are very colourful and beautiful. Traditional Chinese dress is reserved mainly for celebrations, tourists and other special occasions. In typical wedding in China, Chinese visa holder will see that the bride will wear a white bridal gown. For business attire they wear as anywhere in the industrialized world for a particular trade. Chinese people have great likings for browns, beige and yellows.

Women in China have great preferences for black colour. For special events, holidays and ceremonial events bright red colour is preferred. School children are given brightly coloured uniforms in white, blue and green. Chinese people give importance to the concept of ‘face’ from the past time. The knowledge to face its social impact is very important cultural issue. For example in the business world, negotiations should be conducted to ensure that the person at the other end of the table maintains face even though the deal is not successfully concluded. The ability to conclude the deal is related with "face" of the other. Chinese children learn the concept of face early in the childhood. In traditional on look of family life in China we find that the father and husband has absolute rule and dictates the family.

China visa holder should know that Chinese people give importance to religion. Table manners and customs are considered carefully among Chinese people. In China there are rules and customs which surround what is appropriate and what is not when dining. This is observed in home and even in restaurant. China visa holder will find that Chinese culture is very diverse and unique. It is harmoniously blended and yields itself as an invaluable treasure to the world ''Feng Shui'' school of thought is used for home decoration in China generally. Chinese visa holder will see that the tea culture in China is very different from other Countries like Britain, Japan. The hostess at a tea gives it to their guests of a tea house. When older people comes to visit, the younger people in the house offers them with a cup or tea.

To show your forgiveness pouring tea is a very simple and elegant method to apologize and during a wedding people from both sides of the family may receive tea from the couple. If anyone disagrees to consume the tea, it means they disapproved the marriage.

Chinese custom gives importance to the way one prepares tea on important occasions. Other important factor regarding Chinese culture is ‘Tai Chi’ which is a traditional Chinese form of exercise. It is widely practiced by a large number of people, first thing in the morning. Even the Chinese visa holders can practice it while in China. When practicing, the participant usually dresses in colourful clothing, and utilizes a sword or coloured fans. Grab your Chinese visa soon in order to find more interesting factors about the culture of China you by visiting China. China visa can be obtained through an office recognised by Chinese Embassy and Consulates.

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