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Finding a Housekeeping Jobs

04th August 2010
By Ingress in Employment Law
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Nowadays, if you are looking for a job in housekeeping then it's not so easy. People look for experience staff for housekeeping jobs that can complete work fast and clean. Here are some tips which will help you in getting housekeeping jobs and it will increase your chances more than other competitors.

1. Prepare a list of likely employers where you can get a job quite quickly such as hotels, hospital, resort, lounge, etc. Basically housekeeping is needed where a huge amount of people gather.

2. Prepare your CV very specific. Highlight your allied skills in your resume. Your resume should show the talents related to housekeeping, other than that add your other skills like ability of working faster and independently. As your resume will represent you in front of recruiters so your resume is a vital element for you.

3. Get in touch with potential employers. Call every potential company and inquire if they are appointing housekeepers or any planning for future. If they need, they will call you for an interview. Even if they say, they don't have any vacancy currently still they can keep your application as a reference for future requirements as many times it happens that the positions come up suddenly or unknowingly.

4. There are lots of companies, which are providing housekeeping jobs or whatever job you want. Contact them and send your resume to those companies. I know one such type of company which is based in London and is providing all kind of jobs like nanny jobs, housekeeping jobs, chauffeur jobs, Butler jobs, chief engineer job etc. Chelsea staff is having 12 years skill in providing all type of household staff /domestic staff.

5. Be in touch with your friends, who are already working as a housekeeper. Sometimes they also can help you.

6. If some company has called you for an interview. You should dress well and get there on time. You have to present yourself very friendly and are supposed to have ample amount of spirit to show your talents. Physical presentation is necessary for getting a proper job and it lasts for a long period.
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