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15th April 2010
By Penelope Stone in Medical Malpractice
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A failure to diagnose can lead to injury or death—a medical malpractice attorney can help you or loved ones receive justice when this occurs.

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Studies indicate that 40 percent of malpractice cases stem from a failure to diagnose and or to treat an acknowledged condition. In many of these lawsuits, a medical diagnosis came to late to stop the progress of an ailment that may have otherwise been cured. New York City residents who have fallen victim to this particular type of malpractice can seek legal remedy via a medial malpractice attorney. In NYC, the law firm of Proner and Proner could be the place to go to acquire quality legal representation.

Indeed, after a failure to diagnose, one will need to obtain fair compensation that is on par with one's injuries. Far too often injured medical malpractice victims do not seek legal advice because they are uncertain as to if they have a legitimate claim. They may feel that there was little that the doctors could have been done to help them and may not understand their rights under tort law. In NYC, a Manhattan medical malpractice attorney such as one found at the Proner and Proner law firm, knows what constitutes a medical malpractice suit and can give you the advice you need to pursue the guilty in court. Indeed, seeking legal reparation could be essential for New York City residents who suffer from a debilitating illness that may have been cured with a simple prognosis.

Filing a lawsuit is of course, the first step to obtaining the compensation you will deserve after a doctor or medical facility fails to diagnose you properly. The money you obtain will help you get the treatments you need to help correct the condition. If the disorder is fatal, the money may enable you to receive care to extend your life. For New York City habitants and those in surrounding areas of the NYC, the law firm of Proner and Proner is there to help.

Contact Proner and Proner today for a free consultation today and set up an appointment to speak to a medical malpractice attorney.

When someone robs you of your quality of life, you can and should receive due compensation.

Call Proner and Proner today to learn more about legal your rights!
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