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Dreadful Personal Injury and Settlement

25th January 2011
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I faced my worst nightmare about one month from today, when I was walking down the road, daydreaming about my dream car that is Mercedes Benz a car filled with young lads lost control. Well, you can't imagine what happened next. That car started spinning; I was watching it in amazement when another car came from no where and struck right into me. I flew from pressure and landed right on wind shield of spinning car. At that moment I lost my consciousness. Well I rolled down the bonnet of the car and the wheels squished my legs.
I was covered with bandages from head to toe when I got my senses back. My mother was weeping next to me holding my broken hand. From that day till today I never thought about my dream car. This was worst injury I sustained. My mother told me about Patrick Yancey, a personal injury lawyer that was renowned for it success in such cases.
They assured me that they would help me get the maximum compensation I deserve. That is exactly what they did. If you need a personal injury lawyer that will be committed to you and your situation, the Law office of Patrick H. Yancey can provide the legal assistance that you require.

Mr. Yancey has knowledge and experience in several areas of personal injury, though he specializes in representing clients injured in any accident. The firm located in Houma, Louisiana has a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of the industry. They know what a roustabout's day is like and the types of equipment they operate.
There are different types of injuries. Any sort of damage that comes to you physically or mentally from the mistake of another individual is a personal injury case.
For legal advice and help the Law firm of Patrcik Yancey will help you in your case. He has vast experience of all types of personal injuries and you can be sure that your case will be handled with commitment and dedication.
I assure you that as part of your compensation claim Patrick Yancey will seek to help you receive the earliest possible support with any financial stresses or strains that may arise following personal injury or illness as you are not able to work. To gain more information about Patrick Yancey please click here.

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