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Worst Case Scenarios In Personal Injury Law

17th January 2011
By TrentBryant in Personal Injury
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Numbers are some people's entire lives and this makes them want to collect not to mention remember particular numbers. The federal debt of the United States is about $8 trillion and about $28,000 is allocated to every American family. Nothing good comes from this. Still something is much frightening. Passing the United States bar has been an achievement of more than a million lawyers. For more information on lawyers check out box hill compensation solicitors.

When it comes to a million lawyers, this has never happened before. In enduring this many lawyers comes about an uncertain challenge. Some lawyers are necessary for the operation of a modern society. For example, we need corporate lawyers, patent lawyers, contract lawyers, prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys for the justice system, lawyers. In terms of how much they serve society, in a class by themselves are the personal injury lawyers and class action lawyers.

Directly punishing people for the sins they commit is God and this is the strong belief of the religious people. For Noah and a chosen few, they were the only survivors after God sent a flood thousands of years ago. As they held Jews in bondage, God sent upon Egypt the seven plagues. In the Middle Ages, he sent the black plague to Europe and killed nearly half the population. With regard to personal injury lawyers in the United States, this is probably the harshest punishment that God could send to man.

Personal injury lawyers are the people who sue businesses when people are injured. In this example, there is BC who is a man who hopes for some rest and relaxation as he went to the city of Brooklyn. He was getting his R&R when one of the dancers hit him on the head and BC described the weapon as an intensely massive pair of boobs. Inevitable were contusions, lacerations, and several bruises mainly from the impact. To serve as the compensation for mental anguish, indignity, and emotional stress, $200,000 was demanded by BC's lawyer. For BC, the attack from the 57 inch bosoms might have been reason for emotional stress and mental anguish. More information on the topic of lawyers is located at altona personal injury lawyers.

In one of the popular coffee shops in Manhattan was where a Canadian tourist in New York City planned to get some coffee. While there, he decided to use the toilet. He needed some toilet paper afterwards and reached for it. Against the toilet bowl was where his manhood was clamped after his seat suddenly shifted causing much pain and torture for this tourist. Two lawsuits resulted from this with the first one coming from his lawyer with a one million dollar demand for his injury and the second one coming from his wife amounting to $500,000 for the loss of his marital services. In this case it is interesting to see how much less the value sees the worth of his manhood to be.

Really now, we are in a society where people are not responsible for what they do. For example, one man from of Pensacola, Fla, spent the night drinking with his friends. It was in the wee hours of the night after a heavy drinking session with a lot of friends that this man went off to some railroad tracks where he passed out.

Severing his right hand as it passed by suddenly was a train he never got to see. Is it terrible? It was argued that the railroad has been negligent because they allowed a train to pass while a man was asleep on the tracks. His settlement amounted to $900,000.
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